FAGAN: (VIDEO) Cedric Richmond Threatens Republican Congressman For Talking About New Orleans Violence

Let me let you in on a little secret Congressman Cedric Richmond doesn’t want you to talk about. New Orleans is a violent city. So violent, 19 people were shot just last week. Another 42 were shot in the past two and a half weeks, and in the month of June which still has a couple of days left in it, an inexcusable 56 people have been shot. More than 700 have been shot in New Orleans in the past year.

Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King during a hearing last week began to compare some of the violence in third world countries to what’s happening in New Orleans. Mr. Richmond didn’t like that one bit claiming Mr. King was executing traditional “White Privilege” for criticizing a mostly minority city. Richmond loves to play the race card doesn’t he?

Richmond said, “I am not going to sit here and let him (King) do that.”

He went onto to say, “If the gentleman (KING) persists on it then let’s go in the back and have  conversation on New Orleans.”

Then Richmond upped his threat by angrily saying to King, “If it takes walking across over there then I am prepared to do that to.”

Congressman King countered by telling Richmond he should remove himself from the room if he can’t restrain himself.

You would think with what happened recently with the targeted shootings of Republicans Mr. Richmond would be able to control himself when it comes to threatening others. Of course he has a history of this and not only threatening but actually fighting.

To see all of this for yourself watch the video posted below.

Dan Fagan is a former television news reporter, journalism professor, newspaper columnist, and radio talk show host. He grew up in New Orleans and currently lives there. He is a regular contributor for The Hayride. If you have a news tip for Mr. Fagan you can reach him at [email protected] or 504-458-2542.

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