Mitch Landrieu (Of All People) Lectures About Getting Things Done

Mitch Landrieu has taken his self-congratulatory tour to Miami. From there he appeared on MSNBC and offered up some advice for Democrats.

From the Washington Times:

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu said Monday that Democrats need to be more focused on governing in real time.

“It’s nice to be aspirational, and it’s nice to be passionate, it’s nice to get the country focused on the biggest of issues, but it falls on deaf ears if you can’t make something happen,” Mr. Landrieu said on MSNBC.

Mr. Landrieu was just named president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, which is having their national meeting in Miami Beach, Florida, this week.

He also said he and his fellow mayors need to focus on the Russia case, but not allow other policy agendas to fall to the wayside.

“We live in real time and reality, so people who are just trying to get to work, get to the Little League with their kids, are focused on all those things plus the Russia investigation,” Mr. Landrieu said.

All of this may be great advice for Democrats, but we wonder if Mitch Landrieu is the right person to deliver this message. For starters, his current self-congratulatory tour is based on removing four Confederate monuments in New Orleans. That’s not exactly focusing on bread and butter issues.

Mitch’s problem, of course, is that the removal of the monuments is pretty much the entirety of “positive accomplishments” as mayor. New Orleans is not what you call a safe city. The city’s infrastructure is crumbling just a decade after it was rebuilt at national taxpayer expense after Katrina. The business climate in the city remains atrocious.


If Democrats are going to run on “getting things done”, the guy who is running for president based on removing Confederate monuments should not be the one carrying the banner.



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