New Orleans Is So Lawless That Stolen ATVs And Dirt Bikes Race On Chef Menteur

Normally you would associate ATVs and dirt bikes with the country. After all, those vehicles are not street legal in most of the country.

But New Orleans has become so lawless that ATVs and dirt bikes not only travel the streets of New Orleans without fear, they even have races on a major highway. Those vehicles have been involved in a crash which resulted in a death.

New Orleans Police say that the ATV and a dirt bike were stolen. I’m sure you’re shocked.


The crash occurred when an ATV and a dirt bike traveling west in the same, middle lane of traffic on Chef Menteur Highway T-boned a gray Pontiac Grand Prix, “sending (the car) spinning,” and killing the ATV driver. Micheu said the ATV and dirt bikes did not have headlights activated, and none of riders on the ATV or dirt bikes wore protective gear.

The driver of the dirt bike that hit the Pontiac was taken to a hospital Monday night in critical condition. That person remained in critical condition Tuesday afternoon, Micheu said at a 2 p.m. press conference.

The driver and passenger of the Pontiac received minor-to-moderate injuries, Micheu said. The driver of the Pontiac driver will not face any charges, he said. The occupants of the Pontiac, who were hit as the car turned from Majestic Oaks Drive onto Chef Menteur, never saw the unlit ATV or dirt bikes coming, the lieutenant added.

The driver of the second dirt bike was able to avoid colliding with the Pontiac, Micheu said, after the driver saw the crash occur and slid-out to stop the bike. The maneuver resulted in minor injures to that driver, he said.

Chef Menteur is one of the busiest highways in New Orleans. If the New Orleans police are so undermanned that they cannot secure it, it’s tough to see them securing anything else in the city.

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