This Man Explains What Is At Stake In The Louisiana Budget Fight In Three Minutes

Currently, the Louisiana legislature is in special session trying to make a budget deal. The major disagreement between the Louisiana House and the Louisiana Senate is on whether or not to spend every penny the state believes it will receive in the coming fiscal year.

The fight promoted Danny McCormick of the Caddo Parish Alliance to make a video explaining what is at stake in Baton Rouge.

McCormick, who was wearing a hard hat and had his left hand wrapped in a chain as if he was being restrained, spoke about the differences between the two sides in the budget fight. “I’m coming here to tell you about a trick Louisiana politicians are trying to pull over on you. This trick will place your families in the chains of tax bondage,” McCormick started.

McCormick then began the example of someone who takes home $500 a week. “Do you think it would be wise to have $500 of bills every week?” asked McCormick. Obviously it wouldn’t be wise budgeting.

McCormick compares that example to the position held by Governor John Bel Edwards and his allies, who he calls “the tax and spend Democrat and Republican thieves who make up the majority of Louisiana politicians.” He points out that projected tax revenue usually falls short every year. McCormick accuses JBE and his allies of trying to cause a panic in order to pass tax increases.

McCormick had praise for House Speaker Taylor Barras and House Appropriations Chairman Cameron Henry for pushing for fiscal responsibility. “These two individuals and their supporters are a shining light in a sea of darkness.” said McCormick.

McCormick then slammed the legislature for raising taxes by $1.5 billion over the past year. McCormick called them “thieves” and “pure evil” for using “men with guns” to force people to pay taxes.

McCormick then closed by urging his audience to find out who their legislator is and contact them to urge them to support only spending 98% of projected revenue.

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