APPEL: On Failure, And Consequences, Of The Obamacare Repeal Vote

Perhaps I am getting too old for all this stuff. I once believed that our citizens consistently accepted that we were a nation founded on the Jeffersonian principles of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Last night’s block vote by Democrat Senators simply defending the Obama legacy, coupled with three Republican Senators who voted for reasons that remain unclear to me, has solidified a philosophical move away from government of principle and toward a collective society of government largesse. As a result, we will have Obamacare with us until it crashes.

This was no simple vote. This vote justifies a theory that has been espoused by many for some time, a theory that we may call the tipping point. Simply put the tipping point occurs when the non-productive of a democratic society outnumber the productive and through the weight of numbers drive that society away from Jefferson’s founding principles and toward the principles of Marx and Engels. I believe that last night’s Obamacare-preserving vote highlighted that we have either arrived at or have surpassed that tipping point.

Before I go on I am not one to anguish over perceived communist conspiracy theories – so do not jump to that conclusion. My concern is of the subtle end of our centuries-old, extraordinarily successful system of individual liberty and capitalism as we move toward a system of government dependency, much as promoted by these 19th century socialist philosophers.

So back to last night; what we saw was the Senate putting a nail in the coffin of the promises of Jefferson by endorsing the massive expansion of wealth-transferring entitlements. It was an endorsement that traded some mythical good for the people in exchange for sweeping away free market principles in favor of a collective government system. I challenge anyone to identify any historical or constitutional basis for such an expansion of government against the freedoms of Americans. That being said, we all recognize that for as long as we have sent politicians to govern, they have seen that their way to maintain control is always through the visage of irrevocably connecting the governed to free stuff!

No, this treatise is not sour grapes over a loss on an isolated issue. We can have a feel-good discussion about the merits of health care – or Obamacare – in one form or another anytime, but that is not my concern. My concern is the rapid acceleration away from those freedoms promised by Jefferson, toward a government that is built upon a foundation of collective entitlements financed through wealth transfer, just as envisioned by Marx and Engels.

My concerns resulting from these changes are fundamental; massive national debt, loss of incentive derived through capitalism, loss of personal and business freedom, servitude to a government brought on by fear of losing government largesse, and so on, in effect generally upon a revocation of the basic principles that created what has become the most significant nation in the history of man.

Yes, I am getting too old for this stuff.

Perhaps the citizens will buy into Congress’ lead of rushing headlong to sweep away two hundred years of principle by moving to a new place that is defined by reframing our entire socioeconomic raison d’etre. Precariously that “new place” has been tried and there are ample examples of failed societies who, like moths to a flame, were first attracted to and then became so ensnarled in socialist programs that they have not been able to extricate themselves. Does that not describe Obamacare to you?

Worse, the history of the 20th century was one of near constant warfare between freedom-loving capitalist societies and those steeped in tyranny, in order to protect our way of life from the scourge of societies that were governed through the very same socialist principles that are currently seeping into our nation’s psyche. History notes that, perhaps with the exception of China (ironically its success came when it shifted somewhat away from Maoist socialism toward more economic freedom), virtually all of those societies that were built upon the shifting sand of big government, socialist principles have disappeared. But never let history stand in the way of a pandering politician!

My fear, aroused by last night’s vote, is fundamentally deeper than just a concern about a healthcare plan. It is now abundantly clear to all that the entire Democrat party has completely succumbed to an underlying philosophical move to abandon our time-tested proven principles in favor of socialized government. But we suspected that this was where they were and last night just clarified it for all to see.

No, the real problem for our future and my deepest concern is that there are not enough principled Republicans to grasp the danger and to have the fortitude to stop its inevitability.

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