BATISTE: Put Mitch Landrieu On The Spot As He Hides From Taxpayers 

Mitch Landrieu is hiding from the public by not having town hall meetings. Instead of meeting the public face to face as he has done each year of his mayoral tenure, Mitch is inserting a filter between himself and taxpayers. He is hosting two phone conferences in the place of five town hall meetings. That’s how he hides from us.

Lyin’ Landrieu is reasoning it with a guise about condensed budgeting blah blah blah. He has more important things to do such as posture on the national stage and avoid talking about crime.

The mayor’s office claims citizens will be able to interact with the mayor, although call screeners are likely to be working harder than the ones on the Les Miles show the week after an Alabama loss.

This is monument supporters’ “Ba Ba Bouey” opportunity. And an opportunity to boo the mayor who has been noticeably absent from the public. This is not just for those who think city resources were exploited and misused for monument removal, but for all those people who are fed up with crime, violence, terrible streets, and a pandering, career politician.

Go ahead and put Mitch on the spot with creative questioning such as:

How much money is going to protect us, and how much went to Trident Security?

Are you dedicating any funds to racial reconciliation, and in your opinion, do you think it would help if you finally acknowledged your African heritage?

The main budget question is Booooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

The streets are terrible, you’ve been mayor for nearly 8 years. Booooooooooooooo

After 7 years crime is out of control in this lawless land, but the monuments are down. Boooooooooooooooo

What is our revenue from traffic cameras and how much more are we making off of parking tickets? And when is Nineland going to make your parking lot compliant with city code?

Keep it clean, folks, but challenge and heckle him.

The often criticized Senator Bill Cassidy has been applauded, even by his critics, for facing organized leftist protesters at his town halls. Not Mitch, he has too much to hide.

The first conference call, for Council Districts A, B and C, will start at 6 p.m. on Tuesday. The second, for Districts D and E, is at 5 p.m. on Wednesday. The phone number is yet to be provided however the following link has been released:

Come up with your own question be creative about your introduction–put Lyin Landrieu on the spot. By going phone and internet-conference, it creates more opportunities four groups such as Save Our Circle and other like-minded taxpayers who are unhappy with the nontransparent Landrieu administration.

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