VIDEO: The New Black Panthers Have A Mini-Riot At BRPD Headquarters

UPDATE: Boy, here’s something interesting – apparently, one of the people who were tased during the little riot the New Black Panthers touched off at Baton Rouge Police Headquarters was a policeman. It was originally assumed he must have gotten in the way of one of his colleagues and was tased by mistake.

Apparently, not, though, as one of the New Black Panthers showed up armed with a taser gun. That individual could well have been responsible for the cop getting tased.

ORIGINAL: This mini-riot is brought to you by the New Black Panthers courtesy of it being the one-year anniversary of the Alton Sterling shooting, something the local media in Baton Rouge and the city’s mayor, who was elected partly on the strength of the hype surrounding the incident, have been vigorously playing up.

It turns out that when an incident like the one with Sterling turns into a feeding frenzy, which this one in particularly absolutely has, you’ll have all kinds of people attempting to use it to get attention. That phenomenon turned deadly in late July last year when a black separatist loon named Gavin Long blew in from out of town and proceeded to launch an attack which killed three local law enforcement officers and caused permanent serious injury to a fourth.

Less deadly but even more persistent (Long’s violent days are done, since he was put down by the cops he was attempting to kill) are the New Black Panthers, who see in the Sterling case a ticket to relevance they are continuing to cash. So today, the New Black Panthers brought a paltry crowd to the convenience store parking lot where Sterling was shot and then led a march to Baton Rouge Police Headquarters where they proceeded to scuffle with the local cops on duty.

That’s where the mini-riot ensued.

BRPD spokesman L’Jean McKneely, displaying his white privilege (oh, wait!), explains the police decision to arrest the seven mini-rioters…

The race-hustling mob in residence continues to complain about there being “no justice for Alton Sterling,” which is a fairly inarticulate euphemism for complaining there’s no retribution for him. Gavin Long would seem to have already satisfied the latter, but of course it’s only a few people who’ll have the courage, or stupidity, depending on your perspective, to admit that’s what they wanted. Sterling’s family filed a wrongful death action against the city and the police department, and the Justice Department concluded a months-long investigation finding no violations of Sterling’s civil rights inherent in a shooting which happened as he struggled for his illegal weapon amid an arrest.

This is little more than advertising for the New Black Panthers, who as you can see in these videos have a paltry following – there are more media members present at their protests than actual protesters. What’s noticeable, though, is the damage they can do. We’re bound to hear more demands for a “conversation about race relations” due to these protests, when most of us – black and white – would really rather be treated as individual citizens rather than members of some warring tribe requiring a “conversation.”

Nobody unrelated to Alton Sterling will see their lives improved by any “justice” done “for” him. But that’s a point lost on the chanting attention whores who tried to bum-rush the BRPD headquarters today.

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