There Were Five – Count ‘Em, FIVE – Shootings In Baton Rouge Last Night

The decline in this town is so rapid it’s breathtaking. We’re so old here at The Hayride that we remember when this was a reasonably safe city, where a whole week would go by without hearing about shootings or murders unless they happened down the road in New Orleans.

Now, we’re happy when we can go a night without any shootings, because that’s rare in Sharon Weston Broome’s harmonious utopia.

Authorities say at least two people are dead and four others are injured after a violent night in Baton Rouge.

At least five shootings took place between late Monday night and early Tuesday morning according to the Baton Rouge Police Department.

Sources confirmed with WBRZ that the most recent of the shootings occurred at 1188 Rosenwald Road. Authorities say a 22-year-old unidentified black male was found dead inside of a car from a gunshot wound.

Baton Rouge Police Officers say one person was shot on Scotland Avenue. That victim arrived at the hospital shortly after.

According to authorities, the first shooting occurred in the 6800 block of Cezanne Avenue just before 10:00 p.m.

Authorities also responded to another shooting in the 2000 block of Lobdell Blvd. a short time after.

A third shooting was later reported in the 300 block of St. Vincent De Paul Drive, according to BRPD.

The good news is that BRPD managed to wake up the mayor and get her to the scene of one of these little battles, and this morning she put out this statement…

Again, our community experienced gun violence. There were mutiple shootings in a number of neighborhoods last night in our city. I witnessed a number of concerned citizens wondering if their family members were among the deceased. I also witnessed many spectators. We need people who witness the violence to say something. Do not be afraid to protect your own neighborhoods and families. Law enforcement officers are here to help, but they must know about these situations to get these criminals off our streets. This violence must stop… now. However, it takes all of us to make this happen

So now the mayor, who looted the BRAVE program which was designed to interrupt the gang activity that is the source of most of this violence so she could pay off her political pals – and in case we forgot to mention it, Sen. John Kennedy is now in conversations with the Department of Justice over whether any federal laws were broken by diverting federal BRAVE dollars to those payoffs – and who inadvertently outed the names of some of the BRAVE participants so the gang leaders in town could mark them as snitches, and who rose to her current office trading on the slander of the Baton Rouge Police Department as a bunch of racists who mistreat black people, is going to ask folks in North Baton Rouge to give the cops information on the gangs.

Glory to God for her newfound religion, we guess. How many corpses piled up on her watch before she came around, again?

Seventy-six. It’s 76 so far this year.

Which doesn’t count the living survivors of those shootings – luckily many of our gangsters are lousy shots or the numbers would be much worse. Let’s hope they keep holding those guns sideways to look cool while they’re attempting murder.

Maybe we should all kneel for the national anthem to protest violent crime in Baton Rouge. Maybe we should start getting ourselves arrested at Metro Council meetings, or block an interstate highway, or trash the headquarters of the Louisiana Democrat Party, or mob Broome’s front lawn, or wear bloody t-shirts with the names of the victims on them.

Maybe that’s a protest movement which deserves the chance to be violent and destructive. It seems to have a lot more meat on its bones than some of the other “causes” we’ve seen people acting the ass over lately.

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