VIDEO: Plus, There Was The Guy In A Cast Decking People At The LSU Tailgate

A suggestion before watching this video from Saturday’s tailgating at LSU – you might want to turn the volume off on this if you’re at work, because the language is about as salty as it gets.

Nobody knows what started this fight Saturday before LSU’s 45-10 blowout of Chattanooga, but it was on campus at one of the myriad tailgate parties before the game, and a very tall, very athletic-looking dude who had his right arm in a cast above the elbow got agitated at a number of his young acquaintances and proceeded to batter them…with the cast.

You’ve got to see this to believe it.

One wonders why this guy’s prospective victims didn’t all rush him and take him down. This comes off a little like one of those bad kung fu movies where the bad guys hang back and take on the hero one at a time.

This wasn’t even the worst thing that happened on campus before the game, as it turns out…

One person was stabbed on the LSU Parade Ground Saturday afternoon.

LSU Media Relations Director Ernie Ballard says the victim was not an LSU student.

Authorities say the victim was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Word is there was a sizable fight, bigger than the one involving the pugilist in the cast, and the victim in this case took a nasty cut on his forearm.

Tailgating at LSU has never been considered a particularly violent affair; not at all. There have been occasional fights, as are inevitable when crowds and alcohol are present, but LSU’s reputation for a great on-campus party six or seven times a year is built on food, beer and fun – not brawling.

Saturday nights might be all right for fighting, but Saturday afternoons are most definitely not. Get your act together, people.

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