EXCLUSIVE: Take ‘Em Down NOLA Head Malcolm Suber Celebrates 100 Years Of Communism

Take ‘Em Down NOLA head Malcolm Suber has been involved with erasing the history of white people in New Orleans. He was the ringleader of efforts to remove Confederate monuments in the Crescent City.

Now we know what kind of history Suber wants to add in place of the monuments. He recently held a celebration of 100 years of communism and the Russian Revolution.

The blog All Power To The Soviets recently had a write-up of the celebration.

In October 1917, the working people of the Russian Empire stood up and took power in the first successful socialist revolution. With the Bolshevik Party playing a leading role, the workers, peasants, and oppressed peoples opened up a new chapter in the history of humanity. They showed the world that revolutionary people’s power is possible.

The New Orleans Workers Group has taken time this October to honor these heroes for the sacrifices they made towards a better future for the workers and oppressed peoples of the world. We have carried out cadre study groups, and had a showing of Soviet director Sergei Eisenstein’s landmark film, October: 10 Days that Shook the World.

We also had a lovely party and public forum on the Revolution, which included presentations on pre-revolutionary Russia, the role of the Bolshevik Party, the development of the Soviet Union in a global context, and the contemporary class struggle — all stressing the continuing need for Revolution today. Speakers included long-time revolutionary organizers Malcolm Suber and Gavrielle Gemma, as well as two young revolutionaries from south Louisiana, Quest Riggs and Gregory William.

Suber’s communist ties are no secret to Hayride readers, but they have been blacked out by the New Orleans area media. Instead, Suber is portrayed as a community leader seeking justice for New Orleans blacks.

Suber should be shunned because of his communist ties. After all, we shun neo-Nazis because of Nazism’s death toll in before and during World War II. Why is a man who supports an ideology that murdered nearly 100 million people allowed anything resembling respectability?

If Republicans are going to be racists because they support immigration laws, then the left are communist sympathizers because they allow actual communists to be their spokesmen.


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