We’re Two Days From The Election, And Derrick Edwards Still Hasn’t Disclosed Anything From November

We addressed this Monday, and as the days have gone by during this, the week before Saturday’s election, nothing has changed. Derrick Edwards, the Democrat in the runoff for State Treasurer with Republican John Schroder, still hasn’t filed any campaign finance reports since Nov. 8.

Here’s a screenshot of Edwards’ list of reports filed with the State Board of Ethics…

Needless to say, that dog don’t hunt.

The election is in two days and he hasn’t filed anything covering contributions and expenses for the last two weeks and change?

No. Not acceptable. Not even close.

Here’s Schroder’s report list, to give you an indication of what a proper statewide campaign’s disclosures are supposed to look like…

We’re not bringing this up in an effort to trash Edwards. In fact, as Democrats go we think he’s not half bad – if nothing else, he’s an inspiring story; after all, here is a high school football player who’s paralyzed after a neck injury suffered in a game, and he defies the prognosis he’s going to be institutionalized all his life and gets an undergraduate and then a law degree and proceeds to practice law and run for office. That’s a good story and it makes him worth rooting for.

But the fact is, you can’t run for statewide office and fail to follow the campaign finance laws. Period. Those requirements are in place for a reason, and if he can’t fulfill them it’s disqualifying.

And this isn’t on Edwards. As we said on Monday, the Democrats, who have treated him little better than a rented mule, should have been helping him with some resources to run a proper campaign all along – and in particular they should have stepped in and done so after giving him their endorsement, which they did after he placed first in the primary.

Even after that endorsement, Edwards still doesn’t have enough help to fill out the campaign finance reports and file them? That’s on him, sure, but it’s also on them. It shows that’s how much the Democrats give a damn about seeing that the law be followed.

And while it’s too bad Edwards should have to suffer for their neglect, this is why you should make it a point to head out and vote on Saturday to deliver a big number for Schroder. The Democrats ought to be thoroughly humiliated in this race. They deserve it 100 percent. And when it’s over we can have a conversation about just how much they care about the poor and unfortunate and the people with disabilities that they left Edwards to wither and die in this race – not to mention he’s going to be hit with more fines from the Board of Ethics for the failure to file those disclosure forms. Think anyone will step in to help bail him out from that?

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