Trudy White Is Seeking A Transfer, But I’ve Got A Better Idea…

In an interesting little development, Louisiana’s worst judge Trudy White is now attempting to inflict herself on civil law in Baton Rouge after laying waste to the rule of law as a criminal court judge for the past umpteen years.

A formal request has been made by Judge Trudy White to move from the criminal bench to the civil bench, according to Chief Civil Judge William Morvant.

Judge Morvant said there’s also a request by Judge Donald Johnson to move from the civil bench to the criminal bench, meaning Judges White and Johnson would be swapping positions.

This comes after a series of 9News Investigations into Judge White spanning three months after she reduced the bond for Albert Franklin by $79,000 in Nov. 2017. Franklin was arrested Nov. 14 on drug, gun and resisting an officer charges. His bond was set at $88,000, but Judge White went in the next day and reduced that bond to only $9,000. The 9News Investigators learned that reduction was done without a bond reduction hearing and without the district attorney’s knowledge. Franklin was able to quickly make bond after it was reduced to $9,000. Early last week, Franklin was arrested for first-degree murder of Zachary Police Officer and Zachary Fire Dept’s Deputy Chief Chris Lawton.

Chip Moore, another criminal court judge at the 19th Judicial District Court in Baton Rouge, has reportedly objected to White’s move – Moore holds seniority over White and the word is Moore would like to move from criminal to civil court.

Obviously, Baton Rouge is better off without Trudy White trying civil cases. As terrible and dangerous as it is to have her springing criminals left and right, if you put this woman in charge of civil trials you will do actual damage to the economy of Baton Rouge by destroying its legal climate – that would mean one out of every seven civil cases would be presided over by a judge with actual, demonstrated contempt for the law. Don’t think for one second that you can inflict that on people doing business in East Baton Rouge Parish and not pay an economic price for it.

But naturally, we have a better idea than letting White become a civil court judge. Instead, let’s just not have her be a judge at all.

After all, the Louisiana Supreme Court has already suspended her for three months just recently. And since resuming her duties on the bench she’s caused actual death and destruction with her practice of wanton disregard for the safety of the community – the Albert Franklin case being an obvious example of that. Maybe instead of giving her a new billet at the 19th JDC and allowing her an entirely new set of cases to make a mess of, she could just be permanently suspended.

What would be better yet is a resignation. And what would really restore our faith in the system would be for White to lose re-election, as the people who inflicted her on the rest of Baton Rouge took responsibility for a poor choice and made a better one. We won’t bet on the latter option, not to mention it will take too long (her term doesn’t end until Dec. 31, 2020), but we’ll take any of the others. Except giving her civil cases, that is. “Absolutely not” is the only acceptable answer to that one.

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