I Met My Long-Lost Brother This Week (Photos)

I stayed up very late the night before and came to find out that he didn’t sleep at all. One thing was certain to both of us, God had ordained this reunion.

My 50 year old adopted brother John, born Richard was preparing to fly from Illinois to Houston to meet the husband and youngest son of the mother he never got the chance to meet. She was tragically killed in a car accident just 13 months earlier.

I tried get into the right mindset, to immerse myself in the incredible nature of what was happening and to channel the excitement that my sweet mother would have shared. I remained quiet and anxious as I prepared myself for the approaching roller coaster of emotions.

Three months prior, John didn’t even know I existed and I had little hope that we would ever meet. That’s when two small actions began a domino effect that would change our lives forever. We both took an online DNA test at the same time which led us to each other just 5 weeks later.

As if an act of God, both of our results came within 12 hours of each other. That’s when I got a message from a man named John. The background story can be found by clicking here.

My girlfriend and I made the long drive from Louisiana to Houston the night before. I must say that I’ve never been more excited than I was before meeting my beloved mother’s first-born son. As we approached the airport, my heart began racing along with my mind. The moment that my dear mother never thought would happen was at hand.

We had been speaking on a near daily basis and exchanging photos so we recognized each other immediately as he walked out of the airport:

“Richard!” I said as I threw my arms open and we embraced for the first time.

“Hey, little brother! Thank you so much for finding me, you made mom proud.”

He was taller, and stronger than I had expected. He lifted me up with ease and held me in his arms. All I could do was think of how happy Mom would be.

I helped him with his bags and we jumped in the car, gleefully proceeding on our way to the family home where mom had raised his newfound brothers and sister. Upon arriving, my thoughtful girlfriend offered to take our photo to capture the moment. My biggest brother kissed me on the head as we stood in front of Mom’s home of 25 years.

I couldn’t wait to show John our home and introduce him to my Dad, a great provider, man of God and husband to mom for 39 years. My Dad welcomed him in the entryway:

“It’s so good to have you here, she never forgot about you.”

John thanked Dad for looking for him which he did by calling the County Clerk many years ago only to be told that there was no record of his birth due to the sealed documents.

We stayed up all night talking, going through childhood photos and watching TV in the same living room that I used to spend time with our Mom.

He sat in the same spot which fully hit me when he let his hair down. His hair and high cheekbones, the stunning resemblence brought me so much joy which was only met by the that of waking up to a small piece of mom on her side of the couch.

The following morning, we drove to our family’s property in the country which was where tragedy struck. We showed John the scene of the accident which was just feet from the driveway, Mom was almost home. Then we showed him around “The Cabin” that mom loved so much, her peaceful place before stopping by the cemetery where she was laid to rest beside her own mother.

That was the culmination of this journey, bringing Mom’s Richard to her resting place. It was at that moment that I felt I had done my duty as her son.

Regardless of what else I do with my life, I will always regard my greatest accomplishment as bringing Richard home to Mom. I thank God for that.

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