If This Isn’t Enough Reason To Impeach Donald Trump, I Don’t Know What Is

I have taken a lot of grief from you folks about my… let’s call it cautiousness when it comes to embracing Donald Trump.

However, last night’s State Dinner at the White House essentially justified my concerns, and all of you should be as offended as I am now, based on what went down.

Hosting French president Emmanuel Macron, the Louisiana delegation AND Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards, and business leaders, the White House served a menu that included what they called “jambalaya.” As skeptical as I am of any Louisiana food cooked outside of Louisiana, I knew something was amiss. And boy was I right.

This is exactly what a Russian-style Manchurian candidate would do. Destroy American culture and heritage. Thankfully, U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy was as stunned as I am and I hope he takes action.

Now, obviously, there are a few questions. The first is this: Does any White House chef actually know what jambalaya is? It is stunning to me that no one thought to double-check on Google. This is the age of information, and you just embrace your ignorance, serve up spicy rice, and slander jambalaya’s good name?


The next question is this: Who leaked this information? Obviously the “source” in Bryn Stole’s tweet wanted to remain anonymous. Smart money has to be John Bel Edwards, looking to weaken Donald Trump ahead of the 2020 election. “I know what real jambalaya is, America. I am the one who knows life outside of the Beltway.” And then he serves jambalaya and gumbo, winning the Iowa Straw Poll.

The final question I have: Is this an impeachable offense? This could be what gets me on board with the Democrats in looking to get rid of Trump before 2020. If Donald Trump doesn’t fire the chefs responsible for this, he is a willing advocate of this monstrosity and must be dealt with either through impeachment or at the ballot box in 2020.

This is a hill I will die on.



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