Just How Screwed Is New Orleans? This Screwed

On Monday, New Orleans inaugurated a new mayor. LaToya Cantrell took the oath of office and gave her inauguration speech.

Before we analyze her speech, here’s this write-up by Essence Magazine about the speech. They described it as “empowering.”

Just under 6 months after defeating her Republican opponent in the 2017 mayoral election, Mayor LaToya Cantrell was officially sworn in during an inaugural ceremony on Monday, May 7. Taking to the podium before a room of her political peers, community leaders and local residents, the 46-year-old wife and mother delivered her first official speech as Mayor.

Stop right there. First of all, Louisiana does not have party primaries. Cantrell defeated a fellow Democrat. Before writing this article, the author should have done some basic research.

The rest of the article was a summary of her speech. It was also poorly edited and written.

Meanwhile, on to the speech itself. Here are some…..highlights from the speech.

We are ready to do whatever it takes to do right by our city. We are ready to spread the love to every person, black, white, Latino, Asian, young, old, men, women, and everyone in between.

We may be a little different, but truly – I can say this now – we are woke people.

We Are Woke.

She actually said “we are woke” at her inauguration speech. If that doesn’t set the tone for the Cantrell administration, we don’t know what will. It will be an administration based on appeasing the various SJW grievances in the city.


Meanwhile, here are some of the plans she highlighted in her speech.

We are taking on the challenge of moving forward into the next 300 years of life in New Orleans:

— at a time when the political climate demands that major urban leaders step up;

— at a time when the environmental climate is threatening our livelihoods and our very lives so much faster than ever imagined, adding additional strain on our infrastructure;

–at a time when the financial climate sees growing success and investment in our city, but when far too many are still being left behind;

— when in a city that is over 60% African-American, over 92% of commercial and private construction contract dollars go to white-owned firms

— at a time when regional cooperation is not optional, it is vital. New Orleans is interconnected to all of our regional partners, and we will be intentional about strengthening those bonds

— at a time when we’re fighting back obstacles on every front— when the opioid epidemic is outracing gun violence to claim more lives in our city than at any time in history since we started tracking it.

So basically, Cantrell is going to continue the far-left campaigning Mitch Landrieu did while in office. Cantrell will work to combine far-left governance with old school graft and corruption.

The signs were not good when Cantrell hired Kwame Kilpatrick’s old CFO. Now her inauguration speech confirms just how screwed New Orleans is.



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