VIDEO: Are Y’all Interested In Watching Gravy Chambers Get Pulled Over And Act Up To The Cops?

Of course y’all are. That’s why we’re bringin’ this episode of Gravy’s Greatest Hits to ya.

Y’all all know who Gravy is, right? He’s the premier race-baitin’ dude in Baton Rouge, and he’s got himself embedded into Heroner Sharon Weston Broome’s brain trust on the question of social justice and all. He’s got all kinds of good ideas for how to make that town a better place – like for example havin’ all the black people only buy from black businesses while at the same time havin’ more white-owned businesses set up shop in mostly-black North Baton Rouge.

And Gravy’s gotten himself arrested at the Metro Council meetin’s, because that’s how you get street cred in Baton Rooidge.

As for street cred, here’s some more. Turns out Gravy had a cop behind him and then he made a left turn without usin’ his indicator. Which is a crappy thing to get pulled over for, but when you’ve got a cop behind you you’re just askin’ for it.

And the fun was just gettin’ started. Because it also turns out Gravy furthermore was drivin’ around without proof of insurance – and in this day and age that pretty much means he ain’t got car insurance, because instead of pullin’ out his phone an’ recordin’ all this for posterity on Facebook Live, he could have pulled up his insurance an’ showed it to the po-lice.


So your car insurance rates in Louisiana are the second highest in the country partially because of people like Gravy.

Which prolly doesn’t make him a sympathetic figure in the first place. But how he acts around the cop who pretty much has to give him the “step out of the car” business as a result won’t make this any better.

We give y’all the show you can’t see anywheres else, because Gravy ultimately pulled the video down when he realized he ain’t the hero in it. Thanks to Baton Rouge Crime for grabbin’ this before it fell away…

UPDATE: Now we got the full 20 minute video, and it’s almost perfect…



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