APPEL: The Radical Monsters We’re Creating

For years I have heard horror stories of the dangers of our children and young adults being educated by left wing, even radical, teachers and professors. In effect, the line went, our young were being taught that our traditions and way of life was bad, that we as a people were no better than any other people, and even that America was evil.

I guess like most citizens I just wrote it off to conspiracy theory or fear mongers who just wanted their time on TV. But my thinking has changed and now I am not so sure.

As I watch the news I find that it is consumed with growing anti-American hatred. I see large numbers of radical protesters spewing vile language and threats. I see celebrities and politicians lining up to incite the mob and then acting as if they were defending democracy. And in all this one thing stands out above all the rest. No, it’s not the language, it is the nature of the crowd. What I see on my TV are well off, apparently well-educated young people in droves who want nothing more than to tear down everything that got them to where they are.

How can that be? Don’t these young people understand what freedom has done for them and their families? How can they demand that we abandon all that for a socialist or even communist society? Are they so blind that they cannot see what life is like in Cuba and Venezuela?

I guess based upon the nature of the mob and its message my only conclusion is that the prognostications of the TV pundits were right after all. I am afraid that what I am seeing may well be a generation of young people thoroughly indoctrinated by radical left wing, socialist thinking. Never exposed to anything else, they cannot but believe that what has made America the envy of the world, the very place that so many want to immigrate to, is what they seek to destroy.

So now New York has elected a young socialist to Congress and she has been lionized by the media. The Chairman of the Democrat Party has made it clear that this young socialist represents the future of the Democrat Party. Closer to home the leader of the state Democrat Party has strongly defended Maxine Waters, perhaps the most militant of the national pro-confrontation Democrats.

So where does this all end up. We have a generation of young who would end America as we know it, we have national leaders who urge them on, and we have local leaders who are defending anarchy and confrontation. But we have seen this before and though it took time it ultimately did end well.

After the Iron Curtain fell and the communists had seized Europe, those nations became as if they were in the Dark Ages. As we see in many of our own universities and schools, the communists indoctrinated the young in the virtues of socialism and communism. But a surprising thing happened. Over time these people grew weary of a system that promotes mediocrity at the lowest common denominator and came to realize that it was all a lie. Intuitively they knew that only through a free, capitalist society could they prosper.

So, when the opportunity arrived they all threw off the blinders of the false promise of socialism and almost overnight transformed their societies into something approximating what we enjoy in our nation today. Now but a few decades later I don’t see many in Europe yearning for the good old socialist days!

Here we have a problem. The incidents on the news that happen nearly every day now demonstrate a clear pattern of behavior and perhaps the only common thread is that it is driven largely by the indoctrination of our young by left leaning education and philosophy. Was that a strategy or a plan by the Democrat Party or some other hidden radical force? Probably not, but clearly it has happened.

It is difficult to estimate the depth of the penetration of socialist dogma into our society because the media makes any confrontation appear as if it represents the whole of our people (without a doubt the media is all in for this same thinking but that’s another problem). But one thing is known, the radical roots of this revolution in thought will continue to attract those who know no better and who falsely assume that there is a splendid place in the name of a socialist society.

Somehow, we must fight the efforts of the left and their education and media allies to suppress our democracy by using our young against us. They are after all young people and have never had to work for anything yet, therefore the left’s propaganda that everything should be for free makes total sense to them.

We must somehow get them to understand that our very quality of life is the result of a philosophy contrary to the “everything for free” nonsense. We must get them to see that the poor in our nation are in no way poor as compared to most places around the world. We must confront these young people with logic and fact.

It will take time. History has demonstrated time and again that socialism and its radical cousin, communism, collapse under their own false promises. Our young will soon enough understand the folly of their youth and will come to appreciate America and what it stands for. In the meantime, we must continue to make the case that the only system that has demonstrated longevity and opportunity for all is our own capitalist democracy.

Happy Fourth of July all. We are worth fighting for.

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