Louisiana Democrat Party Chair Karen Carter Peterson Throws In With Maxine Waters

Last week we had several days of outrage over the deranged statements of Los Angeles Democrat congresswoman Maxine Waters, who suggested that her supporters should intensify the unpleasant behavior various left-wingers have displayed toward members of the Trump administration and those who support the president. There is now a move in Congress to censure Waters and demand her resignation, one of the co-authors of which is Louisiana’s 5th District congressman Ralph Abraham.

But it appears the state’s Democrats weren’t put off by Waters’ behavior, nor are they on board with the idea of shelving her as a political figure. Quite the contrary. State Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, who chairs the Louisiana Democrat Party, tweeted this yesterday…

And this…

And some more…

Peterson’s own personal behavior is often in line with the kinds of things Waters calls for. Last year, after all, Peterson went crazy over a birthday cake brought for a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives during a committee meeting at the State Capitol and destroyed it, because the cake had a joking message she interpreted as sexist. She also last year was enmeshed in a scandal during the regular legislative session because, during a key vote on the House floor, she and a number of other Senators standing in the back of the room as spectators were so loud that the House members seated in the back couldn’t hear the proceedings and when asked to be quiet Peterson cursed out one of those House members. There are other examples of similar behavior as well. Lots of them.

So it isn’t a surprise Peterson would side with Waters. Peterson displays the kind of behavior Waters calls for all the time, and not even toward members of the Trump administration – she does it toward her legislative colleagues.

That Karen Carter Peterson is the chair of the Louisiana Democrat Party, moreover, is good evidence the party membership is on board with this kind of incivility. The people of Louisiana ought to take that into consideration in the upcoming elections this year and next year.

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