Say it ain’t so: Drag Queen Hour at the Local Library

At an annual American Library Association conference in New Orleans, the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) officially introduced “Drag Queen Story Hour” to librarians across the country.

According to an ALSC post on its website, libraries across the country could now be hosting men dressed as women in scary costumes with horns, while reading to young children. The feature image is of Xochi Mochi who read at the Long Beach public library dressed as a demon with five horns and a white painted face. Last year drag queens read to school children at public libraries in New York City and throughout California, wearing wigs and makeup.

Of course, after a photo of Xochi Mochi went viral on Facebook Left-wing propaganda site Snopes argued that it was impossible to know if he was dressed like a demon since demons only have 2, not 5 horns. Apparently Snopes would know this. Forget about a man dressed like a woman and a devil-horned demon reading to children– that shouldn’t concern anyone, just the number of horns., a pro-homosexual website, complimented Xochi Mochi for dressing like a “beautiful satanic goddess,” a detail Snopes conveniently excluded.

The ALSC refers to drag queen library readers as “library pioneers” who “shared their tips” with other librarians in New Orleans.

In response, Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council, suggests that parents should protest against their local libraries from following suit. He told the Washington Times, “And I certainly hope that people will – parents especially – will speak out and express their outrage to their local libraries, and make clear that they don’t want this sort of thing to take place.”

Unfortunately, Abe Hamilton of the American Family Association, argues, homosexual and other sexually perverse activists have used the Supreme Court decision in Obergefell, which legalized same-sex marriage, to indoctrinate “impressionable children” at public libraries and schools.

“Ministries like the American Family Association,” says Hamilton, “sounded the alarm concerning what was to come to America should we embrace same-sex marriage.”



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