BAYHAM: Andrew Cuomo And The Anti-America Party

“We are not going to make America great again.  It was never that great.”- New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D)

During the 2016 Republican National Convention, posters popped around Cleveland utility poles declaring that America Was NEVER a Great Country, a response to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign theme.

The aforementioned message was brought to you by the American Communist Party.

Those words have traveled from Marxist brainstorming sessions to the lips of the Governor of New York and aspiring presidential candidate Andy Cuomo, who for the last few years has been behaving like an out of work porn star willing to assume any position in order to get in front of camera.

Rushing to the barricades the pro-Cuomo media, of which his brother Chris is a member on CNN, have stressed that the New York governor’s words should be taken within the greater context of his speech.  But that line was no flub; it was a money quotation intended to do precisely what it did.

Namely, attract media attention.

Of course few societies in the world resembled what is the current norm in the West not even two decades ago.  And as progressives never stop progressing, one could only imagine that within ten years what passes for an evolved society now will be contemptible “oldthink.”

Naturally Cuomo’s obnoxious words ignited furious tweets from the president (all part of Andy’s master plan) and rousing condemnations from the Right, citing America’s enormous sacrifices made to emerge as liberator of the world in three conflicts (the Great War, World War II and the Cold War), not to mention in engagements in Panama, Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

But Cuomo’s words say as much about his party as they do himself.

Andrew Cuomo is perhaps the worst elected official in America, a seasoned practitioner of gutter politics in both word and deed (most recently extracting financial vengeance on those to the left of him who are supporting Cynthia Nixon in the gubernatorial primary).

After the Sandy Hook massacre, Cuomo stampeded the New York state legislature to pass flawed gun control legislation as if it were a hostage situation.  Of course the established media rather than calling the governor out on his grandstanding and exploitation of a tragedy helped Cuomo whip up the fervor.

In 1972 the Democratic Party nominated for president a committed peacenik in George McGovern- but the senator from South Dakota was a legitimate war hero who flew bombing missions over Austria during World War II.  The message was a trainwreck that could’ve been written by the Kremlin but the candidate was honorable in his misguidance.

It was in 2004 the Democratic Party went into a new post-American direction with the nomination of “global test” John Kerry, a Vietnam vet who spent his time back from the war slamming the conflict and the American soldiers who fought it.  That the party and their confederates in the media tried to focus on the less controversial side of his Vietnam era activity was telling. That they both decried the so-called “Swiftboating” (a euphemism for exposing) of Kerry even more so.

And then came the Barack Obama international apology tour, which was far worse than any off-the-cuff error committed by Trump at a press conference.

Every nation has original sin- even the Canadians.  And the tribes who occupied the land before the European colonists landed were capable of great cruelty to the settlers and each other.

History is not G-rated and the further one goes back the more it begins to resemble a Quentin Tarantino film.

Nor does it glide as if on ice skates.  One of the wonderful things about our national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner, is that the song reminds us how we maintained our independence and liberty.

We fought for those against deadly enemies.

If Cuomo has a problem with America’s past I ask who were the better alternatives to our Founding Fathers?  I hope Cuomo has to defend his comments in great detail as it will only expose him for the shallow political carny he is.

After Obama there was no turning back for the Democratic Party. The choice between country and power was made, just as it had been done over two centuries before by a greedy ambitious Revolutionary War general charged with defending West Point.

The Democratic Party is suffering from clinical schizophrenia barking without evidence Treason! at President Trump while condemning the nation they seek to lead, or rather control.

This is the new self-loathing American Democratic (Socialist) Party, an organization in search of a therapist and a time machine.

And America would have to be insane to entrust them with any authority whatsoever.

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