Guilty Until Proven Innocent

In the opening session of the Kavanaugh senate hearing Thursday morning, democratic committee members lay all the cards on the table. One after the other, every democrat senator, including Feinstein, Whitehouse, Klobuchar, Coons and Blumenthal all took the time to admire Christine Blasey Ford for her courage in coming forward about her alleged version of the event. In their eyes, she is a beacon for which woman around the country may draw strength and come forward with their struggles involving sexual assault. She is the star of the show, and has received ceaseless praise from democratic senators without any confirmation that her version of the event is accurate.

Ford has mentioned multiple times during the hearing how she does not recall the exact date, time or place where the assault took place. However, this major gap in the story does not trouble democratic senators. Klobuchar sympathized with her lack of memory, suggesting, “I remember things that happened to me in highschool, things that happened to me in college, but I don’t remember the exact date, or the exact time.” Thus, it is not of great importance whenever we decide on Kavanaugh’s guilt or innocence if there exists any traceable trail of the event that happened three decades ago. This woman has come forward, is emotionally compromised, and therefore intelligent skepticism is not necessary.

Nevertheless, every democrat senator to question Ford so far has called for an additional FBI investigation. These senators are adamant that the lack of such an investigation is unsuitable. This is routinely suggested while simultaneously acknowledging that there is no recollection of where and when this took place. Ford has jumped around with her story to having taken place in the mid 80’s to sometime in the early 80’s and now settling on it to have happened sometime in the summer of 1982. Any further narrowing down of the date, of which she has such a vivid recollection, is something she is unable to do.

Further, Kavanaugh has already been subject to a total of 6 thorough FBI investigations, taking place from the early 1990’s to the current year. Nowhere in any investigation was there even the trace of Kavanaugh behaving in the way suggested by Ms. Ford.


However, an additional FBI investigation is not really necessary for democrats. Kavanaugh is guilty. Senator Blumenthal opened up his time to speak by telling Ford, “I find your story powerful, incredible, and I believe you.” Blumenthal further suggested, “You have inspired and given courage to women to come forward.” No confirmation that Ford is telling the truth or is properly identifying Kavanaugh is necessary for Mr. Blumenthal. Just her publicly accusing a Supreme Court nominee of sexual assault, one that Blumenthal wishes not to fill that seat, is a “profound public service.”

“Kavanaugh is guilty” echoes in the voice of every democratic senator in the hearing. He is guilty until proven otherwise. However, with Ford’s emotional testimony, it is unlikely that anything will convince democrats of Kavanaugh’s innocence.



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