Hillary Clinton Calls For Abolishing The Electoral College

In an op-ed featured in The Atlantic, Hillary Clinton publicized here views of Donald Trump and the proper direction for America’s future. Among many strong assertions and heated criticisms, perhaps the most revolutionary proposal made by the 2016 presidential nominee was a desire to “abolish the electoral college.”


According to Mrs. Clinton, “right now, our democracy is in crisis.” Crisis is a very strong word. Yet, she makes sure to assure the public that she doesn’t “use the word crisis lightly.” In order to save the American project from these turbulent times, Clinton proposes that a number of issues must be addressed.


Since it is the system of democracy that is in crisis, “A main area of reform should be improving and protecting our elections.” This clear prioritization by Clinton does not, however, include such safeguards like Voter ID laws. She equates this to “voter suppression, as Republicans put onerous – and I believe illegal – requirement in place to stop people from voting.”


Rather, the aid our democracy needs is to strip the country of its republic foundations. America, in order to be saved, must change. Clinton asserts, “and you won’t be surprised to hear that I passionately believe it’s time to abolish the Electoral College.”


Such a historic transformation of the country is projected as necessary to counteract the crisis that is the current administration. After proposing the qualities of a tyrant, Clinton suggests “that sounds a lot like Donald Trump.” Painting Trump to be the nation’s first tyrant, it is difficult to conjure a response to combat his administration that would not be on the table.


Along with departing from the republic core of the country, Clinton suggests, “Immigration and Customs Enforcement is running wild across the country.” Thus, tampering back efforts made by ICE officials to address illegal immigration is likely the preferred alternative.


Hillary believes that in the reality of the political right, “science is denied, lies masquerade as truth, and paranoia flourishes.” These accusations are not new, but do well to display the intellectual misguidedness perceived to inhabit the right side of politics.


“Hyperpolarization now extends beyond politics into nearly every part of our culture,” Clinton recognizes. By her analysis, this has a lot to due with a current “president so manifestly unfit for office.”


Clinton concludes her op-ed by asking, “Are we better off? Are we as a country better, stronger, and fairer?” It is refreshing to know that she is contemplating on this question. For it can legitimately be answered by a number of metrics. Perhaps some of these stats will be useful references for her next op-ed.

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