APPEL: Notes From A Democracy In Decline

The political theater that is the nomination of Judge Kavanagh has brought into the light the fundamental schism in 21st century American democracy. If we pull back the curtain of propaganda created by the left-leaning media that conceals the true nature of the issues we will see the fundamental causation for all the noise and fury.

Using a tactic that throughout history has created a pathway for demagogues, the Democrats and their media allies are using subterfuge about the confirmation controversy to conceal the truth. Their public outcry is that this is fundamentally a fight to protect women in the time of “Me Too;” a very emotive cause celebre’ but truly only a poorly-veiled attempt to use an emotional issue to cover the foundational reason for the melee.

In fact it is quite easy to debunk any notion that “Me Too” is the main driver for Democrat outrage; simply recall that prior to any Supreme Court nominations Democrats made it very clear that they would only vote no to whoever President Trump picked.

No “Me Too” in that.

This was later amplified when Judge Kavanaugh was sent up, long before his credentials had been seen or his hearings held, Minority Leader Schumer stated that he would never confirm any nominee of President Trump and instead would do whatever he could to derail any nominations. “Whatever he could do” has clearly turned into attempting to ruin the reputation and life story of an immensely qualified nominee by ambush and innuendo. No sense of the American tradition of fair play, only slash and burn to get a win. Clearly “Me Too” has serendipitously become a tool to get to their real goal.

No, this is not about what a high school boy did 35 years ago. This is a fight over the political soul of our country, and whether we can survive as a constitutional democracy. The Democrats, with the unwitting assistance of moderate Republicans, have for generations slowly pushed this nation toward the left. They have pushed so far that, despite the great harm that would be done to their purported constituents now, vast numbers of Democrats have come forward and as basic Democrat tenets openly endorse changing America into a socialist paradigm. They have pushed so far that nascent reactionary forces were rallied in 2016 and took the form of President Trump’s election. Now the great political battle of our time has been engaged and it is taking the form of what should have been a perfunctory approval of a strong candidate for the Supreme Court.

This is the battle of many generations over whether this nation will continue down the same constitutionally-guided path that we have followed to greatness or, as the Democrats and the media have made clear, we would allow our nation to fall into a socialist cauldron the products of which we can see in Cuba, Venezuela, Cambodia and North Korea.


The battle line between far-Left goals and traditional American values now runs right down the middle of the United States Senate. And this chasm tells all we need to know about the state of democracy in America.

As Americans we must realize that the image that has been crafted by the media is not in fact what is happening. We must see through layers of propaganda and realize that the very real cultural concerns about women’s protections are being used to avert our vision from the sinister underpinning of a movement that would drag us unwittingly into questionable fundamental change from our constitutional democracy into a treacherous future.

History is prologue. We must remember that in just the last century sophisticated peoples and not-so-sophisticated peoples alike, the Germans, the Russians, the Chinese, the Japanese, and the Italians, to their great detriment became deluded into believing the emotional fears of carefully crafted propaganda. Because of our constitutional history we have been insulated from such danger. But that does not mean that if we lower our guard against those who use subterfuge to conceal true political intent we too wouldn’t also fall prey to great harm.



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