BAYHAM: It’s Time For The Saints-vs-Ravens, And Thus Time For The Saints-Ravens Poem

So begins the quadrennial chore

Penning poem about Baltimore

As the gridiron clash draws nigh

Betwixt the Saints and those that fly


While Coach Payton has achieved success

He’s winless in the Ravens’ nest

Even Brees has a bad score

He’s 0 and four ‘gainst Baltimore


Losing as a Saint and Bolt

The Ravens give Drew quite the jolt

It’s been a while I checked the books

Last Saint to win? Aaron Brooks


The smiling passer faced Jeff Blake

Whose starting  duties Brooks did take

Ran up to the score the Saints looked bolder

Until the Ravens wrecked Brooks’s shoulder


That injury would be the reason

They wouldn’t win again that season

The remaining games were hell not heaven

Saints missed the playoffs at 9 and 7


But back to present no need to dwell

Of Brooks and Coach Jim Haslett hell

They’re both long gone, which is fine

Replaced with Sean and number Nine

As a pro, Brees did it all

Winning games while records fall

Tops in yards and pass completions

He’ll have a statue by Steve Gleason


Drew still has much work to do

Another trophy, ring or two

He could rack up another mark

Inside M & T football park


He’s beaten almost every club

With one exception he has flubbed

The Ravens defense he must carve

To be like Peyton and Brett Favre


For these legends of the Fall

The pair can boast they’ve beat them all

Hung up wins on the thirty two

And if he wins, then so could Drew


Though he plays like Superman

A great field general with a plan

Though the unkind truth be told

Our quarterback is getting old



Sunday’s game could be the one

To end his Ravens losing run

We only face them every four

For Drew It’s now or never more


But taking on these feathered foe

Named for homeboy Edgar Poe

Will put the o-line to the test

Their D’s amongst the very best


They hit hard like a front end loader

Don’t Believe? Ask Mariota

Who almost got sent up to heaven

Hit many times and sacked eleven


Unger, Armstead, Ramczyk, and Peat

Must keep Drew Brees upon his feet

Block and shift to avoid sacks

And open holes for our halfbacks


Giving Drew some extra space

Down the field receivers race

Finding a mismatch that he likes

To get a pass to “Can’t Guard Mike”


Another guy who can help block

A former member of their flock

Longtime tight end Benjamin Watson

Though he’s older than my dad’s Datsun


With Ted Ginn out on the IR

We need a second wide out star

Will Tre’quan once again blowup?

He’s on my team  I picked him up


Bet that Flacco will try to parry

And pick on our young secondary

Marshon is back we should be golden

If Ken Crawley knocks off the holdin’


But Joe will have another worry

When Cameron Jordan’s in a hurry

The stout d-end has quite a knack

For takin QBs down with sacks


And though you may not have known it

Our other DE is a poet

Young Davenport has made some plays

Putting the offense in a daze


Early on Marcus did well

Especially in A T L

One play he made was really nice

Sacking hated Matty Ice


And finally there is Will Lutz

Who was amongst the Ravens cuts

Thankfully he found a home

Booting goals inside the Dome


What delicious irony

If the game came down to three

I can see the sports scribes’ blurb

Won by a guy kicked to the curb

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