Facebook To Have Record Spending To Crack Down On “Hate Speech”

CEO Mark Zuckerberg aims to continue to advance the front in the war on “hate speech”. In the lead up to the midterms, Facebook has allegedly seen “all the good and bad that humanity can do,” according to Zuckerberg. In effort to crack down on harmful rhetoric, Facebook is set to see record growth in it’s financial effort to crack down on offensive content.

“The exec called the upcoming midterm elections ‘a real test’ of the safeguards Facebook has already implemented since it infamously allowed ‘bad actors,’ as Zuckerberg puts it, to post fake news designed to interfere with the election two years ago when Donald Trump won the presidency,” The Hollywood Reporter reports. “Facebook will see its biggest growth in money spent this year and next to combat hate speech, violent rhetoric and other content it deems offensive.”

It has well been established that this censorship has coincidentally attacked conservative voices and news outlets. Much of this censorship has sought to crack down on “fake news” from the perspective of Facebook. As it turns out, “fake news” on Facebook is predominately proliferated from right leaning sources.

Zuckerberg suggests that even with this investment, their effort will fall short of what the CEO desires. Facebook still will not be “dialed in as well as everyone would like us to be,” when it comes to fighting forces attempting to steer election results. It is unclear who this “everyone” is that Zuckerberg refers to here. This all inclusive term of “everyone” is clearly not referring to all people. For this censorship has not been well received by those on the right side of the political aisle. Perhaps this “everyone” is pointed towards everyone in the progressive community that desires to constrict free speech online.

Speaking to Wall Street analysts, Zuckerberg suggested that his company will “never be perfect” when it comes to censoring unacceptable content. This proposal leads one to suspect that Facebook’s efforts to increase censorship may be never ending. The social media giant is determined to create an online space that meets their standards.

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