HAMILTON: WHY WE FIGHT – President Trump’s Agenda Is The Pathway To The American Dream For All Americans

Editor’s Note: This installment of the LAGOP’s “Why We Fight” series is a guest post by Louisiana Republican State Central Committeeman Roger Hamilton.

The American dream has not always been attainable for all Americans due to legal impediments. But, as our nation has grown, freedom has expanded.  With that expansion, the American Dream became achievable for all Americans regardless of race, class or sex.

Now more than ever, the American dream is more possible due to President Donald Trump’s pro-American policies. President Trump made a campaign pledge to “Make America Great Again”  and Americans of all races have been arguing whether President Trump is fulfilling his campaign promise. Do we measure the success of his agenda by the wins or losses on Capitol Hill or do we use a more meaningful political poll. Americans of all races should review the increase in job creation, economic opportunity.

There are more Americans employed now than ever before in American history. By more individuals working, there will be more income and a less reliance on government benefits. By relying less on government benefits, the Trump administration should be able to slow down the growth of government and be able to shrink the size of government – and our national debt.

The Trump administration has begun to deregulate the federal government equating to less intrusion into the private sector. As a result, there is less bureaucracy. Louisiana must be concerned with the lack of growth in the oil and gas sector. As our former Congressman and now Attorney General Jeff Landry once suggested, drilling does equal jobs, and we need to renew the exploration and production in the Gulf of Mexico. With the deregulation, we will be able to work without being overburdened with governmental regulations.

America needs to be placed on path to prosperity. That path will lead us to more jobs and a better quality of life for all American families. The Trump administration has led the way to worker development by having employers following through on the president’s Pledge to the America’s Workers. The Trump administration has renegotiated better trade deals achieving more economic opportunity for Americans and American business interest.

To that end, America has prospered through the Trump administration by providing a better trained workplace that will be better equipped for the jobs that will be available in the future. Our economy has risen since the Trump administration began implementing the America First policies. As Americans, we must continue the work of this administration at all levels because this administration is building a future of economic opportunity and freedom for our children. This is why we fight.

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