Happy Thanksgiving From The Hayride!

We’re getting ready to shut things down for the rest of the week here at the site, in the knowledge that most of our readers will be spending the Thanksgiving holidays with your families and disconnecting from the political world for a few days. We’re looking forward to doing the same.

Before we do, though, we’d like to do a little thanksgiving of our own – to you. This has been a good year for us despite some headwinds, and we want to thank you for helping to make it that way. We’ve expanded the event marketing side of our business, from three events in Baton Rouge, Metairie and Lafayette in 2017 to six this year, and our plan is to double that yet against next year while including events in Texas.

We’ve added a number of writers this year, and based on the traffic they’ve gotten it appears you’ve been appreciative of their efforts. We plan on continuing those additions next year as we expand the site’s content.

And we’ve continued to grow in influence, as you may have noticed some of the distinguished folks writing guest posts and opinion columns here. We’re very grateful and proud that our readers have allowed us to serve as the online home, of sorts, for the conservative movement here in Louisiana – and while we’re working to geographically expand that mission, we’ll never abandon that which got us started.


The holidays are upon us, and what that means here at The Hayride is it’s a time for a bit of reflection on 2018 – what went right, what went wrong, what we want to build on and what we want to do differently – and preparation for 2019. You’re going to see this site taking a very proactive role in preparing our readers for the crucial 2019 Louisiana election cycle, and you’re also going to see some additional features here that we’ll be discussing in the coming days and weeks.

But for now, we’d just like to thank you for visiting us as often as you do. This place couldn’t survive without your support!



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