GATES: Ralph Abraham’s Duty And Public Service Recommend Him Highly For Governor

In 2014, as I campaigned for the Public Service Commission against Foster Campbell, I had the privilege of meeting many of the multiple candidates running for Congress that year from Northeast Louisiana.  That year saw an open Congressional seat and, as the PSC district I was a candidate in overlapped that 4th Congressional district the one Dr. Ralph Abraham represents, I wound up at various pro-life breakfasts, Republican women’s events, and voter forums with many of the candidates for Congress. (For some reason, my opponent didn’t show)

It was on the trail in 2014 that I first met Dr. Abraham who turned out to be one of the most committed men I’d ever met. Let me share one story to illustrate what I mean.

The congressional candidates and I were at a very important event on a Saturday.  If you’ve ever ran for office you know that Saturdays are the best campaign days and are generally filled from dawn to dusk with campaign events.  That was the case for me that Saturday.  The day began at a breakfast and went on from there to a full day of events.

Ralph, a hard working presence on the campaign trail, had to take time off the campaign trail on that bright Saturday. He had duties to attend to that, to him, were higher than the campaign trail.  Ralph had a mission to fly for the Civil Air Patrol.  The Civil Air Patrol is a congressionally chartered, federally supported non-profit corporation that serves as the official civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force and Ralph had been a pilot for the CAP for a number of years.

Think about that. Here is a guy in a primary race for Congress, giving valuable hours of his time on an important Saturday to attend to his duty of serving our country.  Running for Congress is VERY important. But, when faced with the decision of campaigning or attending his duty, Ralph chose duty.  That impressed me.


Politics is important. But some things are more important.

Doc Abraham went on to win that congressional race and represent me and the other citizens in the 5th congressional district. I, for one, could not be happier with his representation.  Ralph has consistently shown his duty to his constituents by being a strong conservative voice of reason in an increasingly disfunctional Congress.

Now, Ralph is running for governor.  It’s about time we have a real candidate who actually understands duty and doesn’t just use it as a campaign phrase.



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