Video: Mexican transvestite sues wife for husband’s death and breaking his penis

In another world of insanity– a court case last fall has made the rounds again on Facebook of an episode from Caso Cerrado in Miami, on Telemundo TV, of a man who dresses as a woman who sued the woman who hired him to have sex with her husband.

The man calls himself Jennifer, claimed that the defendant Sylvia’s husband, Miguel, broke his penis when Miguel had a heart attack and died when they were having sex.

Sylvia hired Jennifer to sleep with Miguel for his 60th birthday.

Jennifer said that he thought Miguel was enjoying himself but then he suddenly had a heart attack and died.

The host, Anna Maria, asked: ‘Why didn’t you get up and walk away?’

Jennifer responded: ‘Because I was stuck, my penis was inside him.’

Jennifer said he was mortified when ‘all the units in Miami’ burst into the room. Doctors managed to pry them apart, but Jennifer says his “penis was fractured” following the incident.

On an episode of Caso Cerrado Jennifer, who is transgender and still has her male genitalia, claimed that a man broke her penis during sex when he had a heart attack and died

Jennifer said she was who said she was hired by Sylvia (pictured) to sleep with her husband, Miguel, for his 60th birthday

Jennifer and Sylvia eventually settled, with Sylvia paying $5,000.

The Daily Mail reports that the clip of the show first aired last October but resurfaced on the show’s Facebook page last week, and has since been viewed more than 5million times.

Many commenters claim the cases on the show are fake. One wrote: “Show is super fake…they hire perfect strangers to act out stuff that may or may not have happened in real life.”

Another said: “This show is so fake they contacted my brother to be in it lol And he did we watched my brother fight for a son when he doesn’t even have kids lmao this is funny though.”

The show’s disclaimer states that many cases “are acted out but based on real life events.”



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