Father Takes To Texas Capitol Steps To Save Son From ‘Chemical Castration’

Txlege UpdateA father’s emotional plea to save his son took center-stage at the Texas Capitol this week.

While Jeff Younger‘s six-year-old son, James, is in no particular physical harm at the moment, his mother is insisting the boy identifies as a girl and she dresses him as one, which Younger said is not only a denial of his rights as a father but also forcing it on his son. Younger said James prefers to dress as a boy and is happy to do so when in his custody.

Regardless, in two years, James’ mother planning to begin the process of “gender re-assignment” on the boy (“Luna,” she named him) via hormone blockers — “Chemical castration,” Younger called it, and suggests it will culminate with his penis being removed and an artificial vagina surgically created.

Since the courts have become involved, Younger’s ex-wife, a “modern parenting” pediatrician, now has all rights to psychological care.  According to Younger, his ex-wife is working with the so-called Gender Education Care Interdisciplinary Support program (GENECIS) at the otherwise renowned Children’s Health in Dallas, which provides support for families wishing to “transition” their children who suffer “a persistent distress called gender dysphoria.”

“Here’s what she asked the court to do,” Younger said, at the bi-annual Texas Faith & Family Day rally: “Jail me if I say James is a boy, or present him as a boy to any of you. Jail me if refuse to attend transgender ideology education classes […] jail me if I use male pronouns for my son or if I allow others to do so. She also asked the court to jail me if I don’t pay for all this.”


(Further complicating the matter: James has a twin brother, Jude, who is reportedly not being subject to the same pressures.)

Here is a fact sheet from his father explaining more about the sticky situation: https://savejames.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/HELP-SAVE-JAMES-2.pdf

We could find no statement from the mother at this time. A court transcript can be read here. https://savejames.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/July-10th-Court-Transcript.pdf

Watch Jeff Younger’s story in front of the Texas Capitol here:



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