Crazy Liz Warren: Make Me President And I’ll Stop All Oil And Gas Drilling On Federal Lands

It’s a good thing Elizabeth Warren has zero chance of getting elected president. Early polls of the Democrat primary race show her with exceedingly little support – it’s actually so bad for Warren that she ran third in a primary poll of her own state of Massachusetts behind Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

Which means that Warren is already desperate before the Democrats’ 2020 primary race has even begun. And as desperate people often do, Warren has thrown caution and intelligence to the wind with one of the more irresponsible and blindingly stupid policy pronouncements we’ll see in this entire campaign cycle.

Presidential hopeful and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) pledges to stop all oil and gas production on federal lands and offshore on her first day in office if she is elected.

Warren said she would place “total moratorium on all new fossil fuel leases including for drilling offshore and on public lands.”

Warren made the pledge as part of what the Daily Beast reported was a “public-lands policy rollout” in an op-ed published ahead of trips to South Carolina, Colorado, and Utah.

Warren said public “lands under threat” from President Donald Trump’s energy policies.

“We must not allow corporations to pillage our public lands and leave taxpayers to clean up the mess,” Warren wrote in a Medium post. “All of us—local communities and tribes, hunters and anglers, ranchers and weekend backpackers—must work together to manage and protect our shared heritage.”

But Warren is open to using the land that belongs to the American people to promote so-called green energy.

“In addition [to] ending offshore drilling, Warren on Monday outlined a set of public-land proposals with a goal of achieving 10-percent electricity generation from renewable sources offshore or on public lands,” the Daily Beast reported.

Warren said she would “use my authorities under the Antiquities Act to restore protections to both monuments and any other national monuments targeted by this administration,” referring to Trump’s policies to allow more access to the public lands for recreation, ranching, and domestic energy production.

As the saying goes, morons gonna moron.

Warren has a history of running for the fringe whenever possible, and it’s hard to position oneself as the most far-left candidate in the 2020 presidential race, given the Star Wars cantina scene full of misfit characters in that primary field. It’s difficult to beat Bernie Sanders in a race to the left, and Sanders is more or less old news considering some of the other candidates among the Democrats’ multitudes.

So Warren declares war on oil and gas – and, as it happens, the federal treasury, since leasing federal lands for energy exploration produces billions in annual revenue – as a means of getting attention and attracting support from the far-left fringe.


The problem the Democrats have is that people aren’t interested in giving up their cars, and they’re not interested in $10-per-gallon gasoline. Making oneself the poster child for such inconveniences might help resurrect a dying campaign by binding fringe voters to it, but it certainly won’t capture a majority of the electorate – especially when such swing states as Ohio and Pennsylvania, not to mention New Mexico, are experiencing an economic renaissance thanks to a burgeoning energy sector.

But it’s like we said – Liz Warren has zero chance to win the presidency. What she promises to the few voters willing to see her as a credible 2020 candidate is of little import.



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