Hayride Radio 4-10-19: Rep. Ted James’ Legislative Survey, Answered

As have lots of Louisianans this spring, Hayride Radio co-host Brian Haldane received a copy of the ubiquitous “legislative surveys” circulating in the mail in advance of the 2019 Regular Legislative Session at the State Capitol. Haldane’s copy came from Rep. Ted James, who represents House District 101, and it contained seven questions Brian and Scott McKay endeavored to answer for Rep. James.

Among them: whether the $1,000 teacher pay raise is a good idea, whether school support staff should receive $500 raises courtesy of the state treasury, whether to raise the smoking age from 18 to 21, whether to legalize marijuana, a new gas tax, making felons who have fully served their sentences eligible for juries, and raising the state minimum wage.

But Haldane wasn’t the only one getting such a survey – Scott McKay received one from Rep. Franklin Foil, with some of the same questions – but a few different ones as well. Foil’s survey asked whether a constitutional convention is in order, whether lowering the state’s $75,000 homestead exemption is good policy, whether to continue with Louisiana’s death penalty and whether to legalize sports betting at Louisiana casinos.


Haldane and McKay, in this episode of Hayride Radio, tackle those questions in an effort to provide our legislators with some constituent feedback. They’re nothing if not conscientious and engaged citizens, after all. Check out their answers in this Wednesday segment of Hayride Radio!



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