Morning Consult’s Quarterly Approval Poll Has Edwards At 47 Percent

Every three months, the polling organization Morning Consult polls the approval ratings of governors and senators across the country, and we’ve been paying attention to how Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has fared in those ratings.

Well, the approval numbers for governors and senators for the first quarter of 2019 are out, and Edwards’ popularity in the state is just sitting there in the mid 40’s like it has been for some time.

Edwards is at 47 percent. He was at 47 percent back in October of last year, and he managed to inch up to 49 percent in January. But now he’s at 47 percent again.

That number puts Edwards at 29th among the 50 governors. He’s less popular than Andrew Cuomo is in New York; Cuomo checked in at 49 percent. Of course, Jay Inslee in Washington is also at 47 percent and Inslee is running for president, so there’s that.

Charlie Baker and Larry Hogan, a pair of blue-state Republican governors, have the two highest approval ratings on the list. Baker has a ridiculously high 73 percent approval rating, while Hogan checks in at 71 percent. Republican Matt Bevin of Kentucky has the lowest approval rating; Bevin, who’s up for re-election this fall as Edwards is, is tied with Connecticut Democrat Ned Lamont at the bottom with 33 percent. Bevin, who needs to bolster that number, is actually down a point from January.

The entire top 10 on the list are Republicans. Just behind Baker and Hogan are Chris Sununu (New Hampshire; 64 percent), Kay Ivey (Alabama, 63 percent), Phil Scott (Vermont, 59 percent), Asa Hutchinson (Arkansas, 57 percent), Greg Abbott (Texas, 57 percent), Henry McMaster (South Carolina, 57 percent), Doug Burgum (North Dakota, 55 percent), and Bill Lee (Tennessee, 54 percent) and Ron DeSantis (Florida, 54 percent), who are tied for 10th.


All but one of the bottom 10 are Democrats, with Bevin the only Republican at the bottom.

As for the senatorial rankings, Louisiana’s John Kennedy and Bill Cassidy are both mired in mediocrity. Kennedy, despite emerging as one of the more colorful and quotable senators on Capitol Hill, sits at just 49 percent. Cassidy trails a little behind Kennedy at 47 percent. While the gubernatorial rankings skew heavily Republican, Democrats tend to do better in senatorial approval – the most popular senator on the list is Bernie Sanders, who boasts a 62 percent approval rating, followed by his fellow Vermonter Patrick Leahy at 59 percent. Independent Angus King of Maine, who caucuses with the Democrats, and Minnesota Democrat Amy Klobuchar, who like Sanders is running for president, both check in at 58 percent in a tie for third, followed by four Republicans – John Barrasso (Wyoming, 56 percent), Mike Rounds (South Dakota, 56 percent), John Hoeven (North Dakota, 55 percent) and John Thune (South Dakota, 55 percent). In a tie for 9th place are Democrats Brian Schatz (Hawaii) and Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire), who both stand at 53 percent.

The least popular senator in Morning Consult’s rankings is a tie between Michigan’s Gary Peters and New Jersey’s Bob Menendez, both of whom sit at 33 percent approval.



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