APPEL: Medicaid Expansion And Other People’s Money

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

Margret Thatcher captured the fundamental truth that eviscerates the wave of current Democrats willing to show their true colors in a fundemental mindset that ignores history and embraces the philosophy of Marx and Engels.

Four years ago we witnessed the same underlying beliefs of our governor when, without any consultation or compromise with the legislature, he unilaterally accepted the Medicaid expansion package offered by President Obama. Many states had accepted Medicaid but they had negotiated favorable terms with the Obama administration, Louisiana’s governor ignored the political buy-in offered by working with the legislature and the better position that a favorable deal with the Federal government would have brought, as he accepted the unadulterated package from President Obama.

Not to argue the potential benefits of a what could have been a well structured deal,our arrangement is a classic example of modern Democrat thinking, everything for everyone and someone else will pay for it.

The problem is that the lack of a fiscally responsible deal assures that costs grow unabated, especially as people flock to “free” healthcare. Add to that truly horrible administration of his Medicaid Expansion (we dropped 47,000 ineligible participants this year) and a total lack of faith by large numbers of Louisiana’s people in the program because it was forced upon taxpayers just as Obamacare was. History tells us that nothing is free.


The outcome, when the bill comes due and the state has exhausted its resources to pay, will be a disaster. But that time will be after the governor has left office leaving as a legacy the mess he created. In the meantime we should expect to see more and more written about the decay of our fiscal security.The phony fiscal cliff concept that he used to force down tax increases is nothing compared to what will happen in a national recession.

This Wall Street Journal op-ed speaks volumes. One unspoken goal of Democrats in imposing Obamacare, and by default our Medicaid Expansion, always seemed to have been to destroy the private healthcare insurance market so that there was no alternative to government run healthcare. In Louisiana it appears that the governor has succeeded in that goal..

We ignore Margret Thatcher at our own peril.



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