SMITH: Louisiana Needs To Repeal “My Nationality American Day”

Editor’s Note: A guest post by William Smith, who has been taking a tour through the Louisiana Revised Statutes to identify the duplicative, redundant and ridiculous items therein.

Every year, the citizens of Louisiana take one day to celebrate the greatness of the United States. We reaffirm our dedication to the principles that inspired the creation of the greatest country in the world. We also give thanks to those principles that secured to all American citizens the blessings of freedom and peace.

This day is so important to the citizens of Louisiana that the Legislature passed a bill in 1983 to celebrate this holiday. In accordance with Act 35 of 1983, the State of Louisiana recognizes this day as one of the most important days of the year.

That is why the State of Louisiana rededicates itself to the principles that inspired American independence and secured our freedom and peace every December 7th by celebrating “My Nationality American Day”.

I had never heard of this day until I searched through the Louisiana Revised Statutes a while back, but the day does exist in the Revised Statutes.

Louisiana Revised Statute 1:58 states that “December 7 is designated as My Nationality American Day throughout the state of Louisiana to reaffirm our dedication to the principles that inspired the creation of this great nation and secured for all of us the blessings of freedom and peace.”

While “My Nationality American Day” was enacted by the Legislature in Act 35 of 1983, Congress failed to act on similar resolutions in the 1983-84 and 1985-86 sessions.

Rep. Corinne C. Boggs introduced House Joint Resolution 412 on November 8, 1983 to create My Nationality American Day at the Federal level. The resolution was referred to a subcommittee where it died of old age in January 1985.

Rep. Bob Livingston introduced House Joint Resolution 739 on September 24, 1986 in the next Congress for the same purpose. That resolution was then referred to a subcommittee where it also died of old age in January 1987.


We absolutely should celebrate such things as freedom, peace, liberty, and our founding principles in Louisiana and the rest of the nation. However, I would argue that we already celebrate what “My Nationality American Day” seeks to remember and reaffirm on other holidays, such as Independence Day.

We commemorate the Declaration of Independence and honor America’s history and traditions like freedom and liberty every July 4th on Independence Day.

We give thanks for peace and the blessings in our lives on the fourth Thursday of November on Thanksgiving.

We remember and honor the United States military members who died in service every May on Memorial Day.

My Nationality American Day was likely well-intentioned back in 1983, but it is redundant due to our celebrations on other recognized Federal and State holidays. Since we have important holidays recognized at both the Federal and State levels to celebrate our history, founding principles, military, blessings, peace, freedom, and liberties, the State of Louisiana does not need a day like My Nationality American Day in the Revised Statutes.



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