APPEL: The Battle Is Between Freedom And Socialism, As It’s Been For A Long Time

Am I the only one who sees a historic significance in the news? In all parts of the world socialism and the all-powerful government structures that are required to prop up its unnatural economic promises is under attack. No, socialism is not under attack by the democracies, it’s under attack by the very people that are forced to live under it. The people are demanding freedom and freedom is the arch enemy of socialism.

In Russia a thousand people were arrested because they dared protest a government that precluded free elections. In Hong Kong tens of thousands have taken to the streets to reject Beijing’s efforts to take their freedom. In Venezuela the pressures against the socialist regime are building and its but a matter of time before that caldera explodes.

The American left is fond of trying to divert our attention from these hostile examples by saying that the socialism they are promoting is some kind of European model. But recent history demonstrates that Europeans are abandoning the concepts that Democrats are using as their exemplar. In southern Europe left wing politics are on the wane, France’s dance with socialism is resulting in chaos, Germany’s economy is very weak, and in Northern Europe, the region so often cited by Democrats as their example, capitalism is far more prevalent as socialistic policies give way to freedom.

In order to understand this issue a little definition is in order. From the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of socialism is:

“any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods”

Sound familiar? It should, without detailing the end game of their strategy this is philosophy that Democrats are pushing us toward. And their tactic is to use our fundamental American belief in fairness against us.


The most egregious example of their goals is that every one of the Democrat candidates for president is willing to sacrifice 180 million Americans who have private health insurance in order to impose nationalized healthcare. But there are far more sub rosa efforts underway. Energy policy, confiscatory tax policy, free everything for everyone (citizen or not), open borders, and a myriad of central government intrusions into our lives and businesses. The strategy is to convince us that these policies must be imposed all for the sake of “equality, equity, and fairness,” terms used by Democrats to convince us of the righteousness of their cause. And reserved for those who dare challenge their efforts are vicious attacks against their character through charges of racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and every other -ism and -bia evil that they can think of. As I said they use as their main subversive weapon the American sense of fairness against us.

Now to be fair not all Democrats espouse these extreme positions, but the leadership does. And like silent majorities throughout history there is danger when a very loud minority dominates a majority and leads them into blind support. A radical minority can never a assume leadership role without the willingness of the majority of a political party to follow their lead. As of this writing the radical left, those who are driving the Democratic Party toward a belief in a socialist America, are clearly leading. History is replete with examples of societies that failed when radical minorities were not met with opposition until it was too late.

In all parts of the world people are literally risking their lives by rebelling against the loss of freedom that socialism dictates, even as we in America watch as a major political party and their media allies elevate socialism by giving it a credibility that is a lie.

History is prelude and if we truly love our freedom we must recognize that socialists have for years been systematically undermining our principles. Now, through the presidential election process, they think with the media’s assistance the time is right to emerge from the shadows and promote socialism into a concept that we accept as valid. The danger is that they do so without acknowledging that only if we sacrifice our personal freedom to the government can any of their preposterous promises be implemented.

People of America, caveat emptor, let the buyer beware!



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