LOW POPAHIRUM: New Orleans Gets A New Newspaper

We have decided to bring back an old Hayride feature, the Low Popahirum. But we have added a few twists to it.

For an explanation of what “low popahirum” is, here’s a Hayride post on the subject. If you need more context, here you go.

Since I will be taking this over from Scott, expect this to be a bit more libertarian than the site as a whole. In addition to posting links and commenting on national and regional stories of interest, I will also be occasionally commenting on Hayride stories as well.

Without further ado, here we go.

Trump goes to North Korea: This weekend’s big story was President Donald Trump becoming the first U.S. president to step foot in North Korea. Granted, all he did was just walk over the DMZ for a handshake with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, but still this is big. It’s clear the two men have a good personal relationship, but I’m not sure if this will lead to North Korea denuclearizing.

It should also be noted who accompanied Trump to North Korea. Tucker Carlson, who has used his Fox News show to push a non-interventionist foreign policy, accompanied Trump on his Korea visit. Carlson represents a major portion of the Trump base, which is sick of endless war.

Finally, the #Resistance can get bent on this one. I’ll see Trump’s visit to North Korea and raise you Obama’s visit to Cuba. Diplomacy is always preferable to war.

Charles Koch teams up with George Soros: The Boston Globe had a story about left-wing billionaire mastermind George Soros teaming up with libertarian billionaire Charles Koch to form a think tank. The think tank would promote a non-interventionist foreign policy and would have scholars from both the left and the right.

This is more evidence of the Koch network reaching out to Democrats. Earlier last month, the network floated the possibility of backing Democrats. The network also refuses to support Donald Trump’s reelection bid.

Meanwhile, the think tank itself is being panned by some as a globalist scheme. I disagree because again, there are significant portions of the right that is tired of endless war. This think tank may be helpful in making the case against needless intervention around the world.

The violent left strikes again: This weekend, Portland Antifa hospitalized conservative journalist Andy Ngo. They threw cement-filled milkshakes at him and then beat him. It has been long past time for Portland to crackdown on Antifa. If Portland won’t do it, the federal government should as U.S. Senator Ted Cruz called for.


If you spent any time on Twitter this weekend, you saw numerous left-wing journalists either praising or trying to justify the attack. How many of them were suspended by Twitter? None. It’s also telling that people who whine about “attacks on the press” because Donald Trump says mean things about reporters were applauding or justifying an actual attack on the free press.

But the violent left was not done this weekend. Yesterday during New York City’s Pride Parade, Chick-Fil-A was vandalized.

Pelicans have a productive free agency: I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda excited for the Pelicans’ season. This team should be the best one that has suited up since coming to New Orleans. Hopefully, it will turn New Orleans into more of a basketball city.

The latest move is for the Utah Jazz’s Derrick Favors. This comes after signing J.J. Redick from the 76ers. These signings, along with drafting Zion Williamson should make the Pelicans a playoff team.

New Orleans gets a new newspaper: The merged The Times-Picayune/The New Orleans Advocate debuted Monday. The paper is printed with both publications on the masthead, but I’m not sure how long that will last. It will be a 7-day newspaper just like the old New Orleans Advocate. The new newsroom is made up of primarily New Orleans Advocate writers and journalists.

If this new newspaper is going to have any kind of success, it needs to learn the lesson of the old Times-Picayune. It had become a paper that lost touch with New Orleans. It was even printed out of state in Mobile, Alabama. It needs to represent all of the New Orleans metro area and be of the community. That includes an ideologically diverse opinion section and more coverage of the community. Otherwise, all it will be good for is liner for crawfish boils.



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