2019 Qualifying Day 3 Roundup

Qualifying for Louisiana’s elections is now over. One thing is for sure, there will be big changes in some parts of the state.

The big news comes out of Jefferson Parish and who didn’t qualify. Parish President Mike Yenni did not qualify for reelection. If he would’ve stood for reelection, he would’ve likely faced a tough reelection bid involving personal issues.

Republicans John Young and Cynthia Lee-Sheng are seeking the office along with Lee Bonnecarrere who has no party affiliation. Political analysts are expecting a tough, closely fought race between former Parish President Young and Lee-Sheng with Bonnecarrere possibly forcing the race into a runoff.

Staying in Jefferson Parish, we’re going to have a rematch in the sheriff’s race. Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joe Lopinto will face off against fellow Republican John Fortunato. Anthony Bloise, who has no party affiliation, also qualified. Expect another close race here that may go into a runoff.

Democrats Start Out Losing A House Seat And More

The Louisiana Democrat Party had a rough qualifying period. It failed to field credible candidates for statewide office outside of governor. It failed to field a candidate in House District 50, which they currently hold.

Even worse, it was unable to clear the field for Governor John Bel Edwards. Oscar “Omar” Dantzler, who is black, and Vinny Mendoza, who is a pro-choice Hispanic, will likely siphon off enough of the vote to force Edwards into a runoff.

There’s more in this tale of woe for Louisiana Democrats. They fielded a non-credible candidate against Attorney General Jeff Landry. Why is that a bad thing for Democrats? Landry has the GOP’s best turnout machine in Louisiana and that will now be activated to support Republicans up and down the ballot.


Democrats also chose poorly in quite a few legislative races. For example, in Senate District 38 saw both a black Democrat, Katrina Early, and Republican Barry Milligan qualify against Democrat incumbent John Milkovich. Early and Milligan will likely squeeze Milkovich out and the two will face off in the runoff which Milligan will likely win.

Democrats also failed to field a candidate against Ray Garofalo in the flippable House District 103.

Louisiana’s Democrats should get rid of their current leadership.

Next year, we could see a bipartisan push for party primaries and an end to the jungle primary. That is long overdue.

More Libertarians

The Libertarian Party failed to qualify a single candidate for statewide office. However, they’ve added two more candidates for the legislature. Rufus Craig qualified in Senate District 6 in Baton Rouge and Heide Alejandro-Smith qualified in House District 90.

Now the election begins.




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