ABRAHAM: I Will Make Louisiana Win Again

I am sick and tired of Louisiana losing. For every year of John Bel Edwards’ administration, Louisiana has been ranked dead last in the country.

Dead last in economic opportunity. Dead last in jobs. Dead last in public safety.

To win re-election, John Bel Edwards is trying to convince Louisianians that this is the best we can do. All he offers is more excuses and false promises.

Don’t buy it. It doesn’t have to be this way. Louisiana has the best people, a unique culture like no place else, and tremendous natural resources. We don’t belong at the bottom of the barrel – we belong at the top.

Here’s how I will get us there:

I will make Louisiana grow again.

Fewer Louisianians are working today than the day John Bel Edwards took office.

I will build a stronger economy that grows businesses and delivers more good, high paying jobs by incentivizing businesses to move to Louisiana, not Texas or Florida.

I will make Louisiana fair again. 

John Bel has given government bureaucrats free reign to waste taxpayer money and let trial lawyers shut down entire industries and drive up insurance costs. I will champion common sense reforms that restore some sanity to our legal system, and I will cut waste fraud and abuse from our budgets. We’re going to open up the books and let the sunlight in.

I will make Louisiana safe again. 

Under John Bel Edwards, Louisiana has become one of the most dangerous states in the country and New Orleans has become a sanctuary city. I will partner with our law enforcement officers to keep Louisianians safe. There will be no sanctuary cities in Louisiana when I’m governor.


I will make Louisiana home again.

Nearly 70,000 Louisianians have fled our state for better opportunities in the past three years. We’re losing our most important resource: our people. I will lower taxes, invest in critical infrastructure like roads, bridges, ports and drainage, and prioritize early childhood education, so that no one will ever need or want to leave Louisiana.

We do not have to settle for what we’ve grown used to settling for.

We can do better. We have to do better. And as Governor, I’m telling you that we will do better.

We spend too much time looking to the past and excusing our poor performance on previous politicians.

You can’t move forward by looking in the rearview mirror.

I’m not going to blame the mess I will inherit on anyone. I will just get the job done.

That’s how we make Louisiana Win Again. 



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