BATISTE: Mitch Landrieu Is Now A Fake News Talking Head

Mitch Landrieu joined struggling media outlet CNN. While keeping a low profile since New Orleanians celebrated his last day in office (May 7, 2018 for those still celebrating), the panderer and career politician has resurfaced as a “political commentator” on CNN.

While he flirted with the idea of running for president, Mitch said earlier this year, “I never say never, but at this point in time I don’t think I’m going to do it.” CNN headlined their article about his new job: “After declining a presidential run, Mitch Landrieu joins CNN.” Fake News, who exactly did Mitch decline?

Now, with 101 leftists who all “have plans” to give everything away for free to everyone and stop that evil Donald Trump and his booming economy, Mitch took the safe route of critiquing others rather than having his past further obliterated nationally. A presidential run would air out all of his hypocrisies and his family’s continued practice of intentionally hiding their black heritage and slave owning history.

The practical reaction of Mitch joining CNN is that his addition is another reason for viewers to avoid the Fake News channel. Nearly everything about the man is a lie.

“The thing I keep wanting to tell the candidates is listen to the voters,” Landrieu said on CNN. So frustrating to hear that advice come from a man who, as an elected official, adamantly ignored his voters.

CNN is one of the unofficial propaganda departments of the Democratic Party. And as if this idea had not been at least a consideration by CNN, Stephanie DisGrace of The Advocate put out an editorial headlined: “Dems could benefit from someone like Mitch Landrieu in crowded presidential field.”

The idea of Mitch as a successful politician is such a leap of logic that even fan-girl DisGrace couldn’t even qualify his experience without partially disclosing his directly connected failures. She wrote that Mitch had “an understanding of infrastructure needs and climate change challenges (despite a record to answer for as president of the Sewerage & Water Board).” For those who have forgotten the back to back floods in July and August 2017, the mayor and his administration vainly attempted to cover up the failures of city government. And they even tried to conceal the fact that during the second flood he was busy self promoting at the Aspen Institute where he was “obligated to speak.”

“The city was going to flood anyway from this particular event,” Landrieu told reporters two days after the August 5th flood. Mitch does not sound like a person who understands infrastructure when he was the figure head of the city agency that he neglected for 7.5 years and caused massive man made flooding.

Mitch’s career has oddly mirrored Bobby Jindal’s. He seems to be more popular outside of his home state than inside of it. Even on his last day to hold office as New Orleans mayor, a plane flew over the inauguration ceremony of new mayor LaToya Cantrell. The plane displayed a banner that stated: MITCH LANDRIEU WORST MAYOR EVER. This was clearly a play on the bumper stickers that sprung up across the city during the last year of Landrieu’s term as mayor.

Mitch Landrieu seemed to have vanished, although most believed he was slithering around scheming his future. With the smorgasbord of candidates running for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination, Mitch was absent until he announced on July 30th that CNN would prop him up for all his political insight.


Mitch’s second mayoral term was all about landing him his next job. As he has publicly stated, he removed the monuments for himself. Mitch caused strife in the city of New Orleans and ran up expenses for his personal crusade even though his administration repeatedly stated the removals would not use public funds. And then he published a book so he could personally profit from his work igniting division in New Orleans. During a book signing at the Cabildo, some Alt Leftists confronted on video and captured Mitch saying about the removals, “I did it for me.

Ironically, the removals did not win Mitch more popularity within the New Orleans black community. Even Mitch’s fellow Removalists turned on him. He resurrected racial differences that had long since past. The Take Em Down NOLA crowd turned on Mitch, finally seeing that his mission was self serving and he had stolen, or in their words “co-opted,” their narrative.

Batiste exposed Mitch, just as his book was being unboxed on book shelves, for being a white supremacist in favoring his white heritage over his black heritage. The article had such an impact Mitch uncomfortably referred to it the night The Hayride posted it while on The Daily Show saying, “I think my great-great-grandmother was what we called a mulatto, a person that had both black blood and white blood. So in a weird kind of way, this blond-haired, blue-eyed person may be considered black in the South even today.” Being black is perfectly fine, normal, and acceptable. Hiding that you are partially black for your family’s gain is opportunistic fraud.

Mitch was such a narcissist he literally started New Orleans’ Tricentennial celebration a year premature so he could bask in the glory. This included putting his name on the official Tricentennial Flag.

More recently, Walter Isaacson and Mitch Landrieu connected during Hurricane Barry to express their feelings about Fake News coverage. This sounded more in line with the type of comments their nemesis President Donald Trump makes. Isaacson tweeted on July 13th, “Yes, and here we are just now at Tujaque’s eating chicken bone (sic) femme and discussing how the national media coverage of this storm has been a sensationalist disgrace.” Less than a month after the tweet, Mitch went from whining about Fake News to joining Fake News.

Mitch told people he hoped to land a position when Hillary Clinton won the presidency in 2016, thankfully he was rudely awoken from that dream. Don’t be surprised if Democrats push for him as a VP candidate. They’re desperate. Until then, Fake News will be Fake News, propping up failures as paper heroes.



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