GURVICH: What Exactly Is The Louisiana Democrats’ Problem This Fall?

By way of response to yesterday’s front page article in The Advocate by staff writer Tyler Bridges, I take issue with the comments quoted therein by Chris Cardona, who was described as “an independent consultant who informally advises Democrats in the South…”

Mr. Cardona stated that “Gods, guns, and abortion are the main cultural issues that prevent the Democrats from being relevant” in Louisiana. While respect for religious belief, support for the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution, and due regard for the sanctity of human life are indeed espoused by most Republicans, Mr. Cardona’s comments were overly simplistic, and considering his ideological leanings, this was surely his intent.

No, the decline of the Democratic Party of Louisiana and the party’s elected officialdom can be traced to many causes, some national in scope and some more local in nature. Foremost among the issues damaging Democrats across the nation is their increasing commitment to government control over our lives. This is daily manifested as higher taxes, ever more numerous and more draconian regulations, and political correctitude enforced through social and economic intimidation up to and including mob violence.


And there are ample additional reasons specific to the decline of Democrats in Louisiana. As has been proven repeatedly since John Bel Edwards’ inauguration in January of 2016, the Governor’s only response to our state’s manifold problems has been (1) to inflict on Louisianan’s the biggest tax increase in our history, while (2) fighting tooth and nail against every attempt at the sorely needed reforms which our state so desperately needs. It must be noted that the Governor’s responses on both issues were directly contrary to his two fundamental campaign promises.

The Democrats will be called to account on October 12th, that is true. But it will not be because of “lack of engagement with the (Democrat) party,” as Mr. Cardona laments in the article. It will be because there has been all too much voter engagement with the Democrats!

Louis Gurvich, Chairman

Republican Party of Louisiana



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