Of the 15 places that tax vaping, Louisiana is one of them

Of only 15 jurisdictions in the entire U.S. that taxes vaping, Louisiana is one of them, according to a new Tax Foundation analysis.

Louisiana taxes vapor products at 5 cents per milliliter of e-liquid.

Vapor products like electronic cigarettes and vaping pens enable users to inhale nicotine without the combustion and tar that comes with smoking conventional cigarettes. Nine states, the District of Columbia and several local jurisdictions levy taxes on vaping products.

Some jurisdictions levy a percentage of the wholesale value of the product while others base their taxes on milliliters of e-liquid.

Seven states are in the process of enacting taxes on vaping: Connecticut, New Mexico, Washington, Illinois, Nevada, Vermont and New York.

Vaping supporters argue the products should be taxed at a low rate because they pose a much lower health risk than traditional tobacco products, the foundation states.

Vaping Taxes in the U.S. as of Jan. 1, 2019

Jurisdiction Vaping Excise Taxes
California 62.78% of wholesale
Juneau, NW Arctic Borough and Petersburg, Alaska 45% of wholesale
Mat-su Valley, Alaska 55% of wholesale
Kansas 5 cents/ml of e-liquid
Minnesota 95% of wholesale
Louisiana 5 cents/ml of e-liquid
Chicago $1.50/unit plus $1.20/ml of e-liquid
Cook County, Il. $1.50/unit plus 20 cents/ml of e-liquid
Pennsylvania 40% of wholesale
West Virginia 7.5 cents/ml of e-liquid
North Carolina 5 cents/ml of e-liquid
New Jersey 10 cents/ml of e-liquid
Delaware 5 cents/ml of e-liquid
District of Columbia 96% of wholesale
Montgomery County, Md. 30% of wholesale

Source: Tax Foundation

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