APPEL: What’s With The Democrats’ Non-Stop Assault On Trump?

Why do Democrats hate President Trump so much that they would blindly sacrifice four years of their duty to citizens in order to try to destroy him and all who surround him?

Some say it is because of the man himself, not as we all know the most sophisticated President. Some say it is because of their own political ambition or a desire for power. My belief is that there is a more fundamental reason for their destructive obsession.

Even though I don’t believe that he is a perfect President and he has many faults, I don’t believe that the Democrats are savaging Trump just because they don’t like the guy.

For the past hundred years or so this Nation has been on a path away from a political philosophy built on the principles of family, self-dependency, and minimal government; in other words, personal freedom. In its stead, propelled by Progressive ideas, we as a people are being forced to sacrifice our precious personal freedom as we have been incrementally changed into a society of government dependency. The time-tested tactics of the Democrats, fear, jealousy, and liberal populism; the results, a society that is consumed by identity politics, racial politics, and political correctness, blended with astronomically high taxes and massive government control.

Hillary Clinton infamously said, “It takes a village to raise a child.” That innocuous-sounding proverb defines best the goal of Democrat politicians, the end of personal freedom as we have known it and a reversion to collectivism as is their worldview.

This philosophy of the Left is built on shaky ground. And yet it is the philosophy that has become the underlying structure supporting the Democratic Party. And now this philosophy has resulted in the unheard-of elevation to positions of authority within it by openly socialist leaders.

There is nothing in American history or the American psyche that would lead one to think that such a philosophy is sustainable for the long term. Yet the Democratic Party is bent upon pushing at dizzying speed the envelope of Progressive or socialist integration into the American way of life. In truth, world history has shown that the philosophy modern Democrats are trying to implement in America has in most cases been eventually weeded out of societies by their own people. There is a reason for that; along with a loss of freedom comes a loss of the spirit to make the individual, and by default the society, great.

And now along comes Donald Trump, “Make America Great Again” Donald Trump. And with him comes a vast number of the American people who are rejecting the systemic toxin promoted by Democrats. The Democratic Party for the first time in decades has a populist Conservative opponent who has held up the fallacy of their liberal ideas for all to understand. And the Democrats are scared out of their wits.


In Donald Trump is a leader who says that Americans don’t have to subjugate themselves to liberal government in order to succeed. A leader who debunks all the nonsense that liberals have promoted; that America is just another country among
all the rest, that America owes the world an apology because our capitalist model has succeeded, and their models have failed.

The reason Democrats hate Trump so badly is because he exposes what they so desperately want to conceal. They intuitively know that as his message resonates with the people, their whole raison d’etre disappears; they fear that they, their ideas, and their Party power base will simply cease to be relevant.

I don’t believe that the Democrats are savaging Trump just because they don’t like the guy, even though I don’t believe that he is a perfect President, he has many faults. I do believe that the Democrats recognize a challenge on the field of political combat that they have not seen in modern history. A challenge that makes clear the differences between all-consuming Progressivism and historically successful American Conservatism. A challenge that is a rallying point for millions of Americans who have had enough of being forced to give up their own freedom.

Democrats hate Trump because they fear what he stands for, an end to the hegemony of a Democratic Party that wants to lead us where we don’t want to go.



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