BATISTE: Institutionalized Racism, Thy Name Is John Bel Edwards

The family of Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards owned slaves, lots and lots of slaves. James Varney of The Washington Times wrote an excellent article exposing the Edwards family as Planter Class slave owners.

“In the case of Mr. Edwards, slave labor appears to have been instrumental in the family’s rise to affluence. Records show that spacious family homes, such as Edwards Manor near Wilmer, were built by slaves who used timber they cut and hued from the family’s extensive land holdings.”

“Census records show Nicholas Stone Edwards expanded the family’s slave ownership. In 1830, he owned 35 slaves. By 1860, on the eve of the Civil War — in which he fought on the Confederate side leading what was known as the “Edwards Guards” — the family’s slave holdings had swelled to 57 people.”

It’s interesting to step back and think that the Democrat panderer comes from a family that owned 57 slaves. A thing exists in America today due to media and liberal politicians, although the big scheme is to ignore its existence. This thing is called Liberal Privilege. Edwards will skate by this one easily. Now had this instead been the Abraham family, the Louisiana media would have a united focus.

Do not expect African Americans to drop their support of Edwards. They have been emancipated from private ownership since December 1865, but that was just a transfer to ownership by the U.S. government. With so much of the black population dependent on government programs, the government has been their master since emancipation. African Americans have been voting Democrat for so long and with nothing to show that it almost seems as if they like to be controlled.

I can say this because of the reaction to Varney’s story by Randall Gaines, the Chairman of the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus, which slavishly defended the Governor at a time when no reasonable person would…

“This is a smear campaign in the final weeks of an election and has nothing to do with Gov. Edwards or his record as Governor and a legislator. Gov. Edwards has championed equal rights under the law, but also fought for opportunities for success for future African American generations. There’s a reason these sorts of attacks are coming right now – out of state special interest groups know that Gov. Edwards has the support of a vast majority of Louisianans, and we stand by him 100%.”

The statement speaks for itself.

Since the City of New Orleans removed monuments to a battle for home rule during Reconstruction and three high ranking officials in the short-lived Confederate States of America, the Alt Left in America has led a crusade attacking “all symbols of white supremacy.” Monuments have been vandalized, removed, and even toppled.  The Confederate figures were the start, but ultimately the Left wants to erase all monuments to people they determine to have flaws (unless that person is on their side). The targets include American heroes such as Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, George Washington, Christopher Columbus, and so on.

Today’s extreme leftists focus primarily on the qualification of slavery as to whether the person was flawed. When recently addressed that the historical figures named above owned slaves, the left insisted their names and memorials must be removed from public places. Since John Bel Edwards’ family owned slaves, he should be considered unfit for public office according to the rules used by the Left. Coincidentally, the Democrats have a double standard and their qualifications do not apply to other leftists.

This isn’t the first time JBE has fallen into a tough position. Edwards graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point. It should be noted that he claims that he was on the Dean’s List, but his class ranking has never been stated. Edwards attempted to stay in the bushes during the 2015-17 monument removal controversy. Fake News reporters gratefully accepted his deflection that the removal of historic monuments was a New Orleans issue. In reality, Louisiana has dozens and dozens of memorials to the state’s Confederate veterans and Southern leaders, and controversies existed at the time of his statement in most parts of the state. The lap dog hacks ran back with his deflection and he evaded the topic. The most insulting angle was that Edwards graduated from West Point and he tucked tail while Mitch Landrieu removed monuments to three fellow West Point alumni, two of which served as Superintendent of the United States Military Academy. That episode of cowardice serves as evidence of his lack of integrity.


Now that the world knows the Edwards family owned, worked, and potentially may have mistreated slaves, will the Marxist, indoctrinated left abandon him? Will the African American voters in Louisiana push the button for a man whose family made profit from their ancestors as human chattel?

The Washington Times article also detailed Edward’s ancestor’s governmental pro segregation policies. This isn’t Mitch Landrieu made up propaganda, this claim of the Edwards family as white supremacists has historical documentation.

“In July 1958, records show, the governor’s grandfather voted for legislation that would have required donated blood to be labeled “Caucasian,” “Negroid” or “Mongoloid” to indicate the race of the donor and require blood recipients to be informed of its origin.”

The over-educated leftists love using the buzz words systemic, systematic, and institutionalized when talking about racism and oppression. The family of John Bel Edwards proves that he is a son of institutionalized racism.

Slavery is America’s biggest sin, and in 2019 Democrats, white and black, have to decide whether they want to oppose the son of America’s worst sin.



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