BAYHAM: The Rise Of The 9-11 Deniers

Everyone has heard of the 9-11 “truthers”, those conspiracy-minded folks who believe that the attacks on the World Trade Center was an “inside job” and that there were bombs planted within the Twin Towers to ensure that they collapsed after the allegedly “staged” airliner crashes.

These individuals are generally held in contempt or treated as mentally unbalanced for espousing such beliefs in the face of reality and evidence.

The world saw what transpired that terrible morning in 2001 and we know the names of the vermin who executed the planned attack, what countries they hailed from, where they stayed and trained for the plot, and most importantly the radical Islamist ideology that motivated them to commit mass murder on civilians.

Yet a mere eighteen years later these kooks have been eclipsed by a new breed of crazy: the 9-11 deniers.

While just as nutty as the first group these “deniers” hold high positions in the federal government and apparently produce the most influential newspaper in the country.

What do they deny?

The very villainy of the unprecedented terrorist attack.

We saw this first manifest in remarks made by Somali immigrant and Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota at an event for the Council of American-Islamic Relations describing the 9-11 attacks that claimed the lives of 2,977 people as “some people did something” that created hardships for Muslims in America.

Some people.

Did something.

That’s right, a Syrian immigrant who may have felt uncomfortable at a White Castle in Kansas City on September 13, 2001 is just as much a victim of 9-11 as those poor souls seeking one last gasp of air before they leaped to their deaths from the high floors of the World Trade Center.

You have to be mentally ill or a sinister rogue actor to even think that let alone declare such sentiments publicly and then stand by these comments like Omar’s.

But by all means tell us more about how Congressman Steve King of Iowa ought to be hauled to the Hague in manacles for the high crime of being culturally obnoxious.

Omar’s sister Squad members proved equally obtuse on memorializing 9-11.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, who allegedly represents part of New York City in Congress and is much a Twitter fiend as President Donald Trump, didn’t issue a statement until almost noon of the 18th anniversary, and then it was not about the terrorist attacks but her commitment to support the victims’ compensation fund. AOC saved her venom for the GOP in her fusillade of tweets on September 11, 2019.

And then there’s Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, arguably the most obnoxious of the bunch. The Palestinian-American politician found time to tirade about American slavery the day before but moseyed until almost noon to put out a statement that centered on her concern over Muslims being harassed while southern Manhattan smoldered.


Not a one touched on WHO was responsible for the death and destruction on September 11th.

Surely the media would call the Squad out for their weasel words.

The New York Times would out-deny them all on social media putting out a tweet observing that “18 years have passed since airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center. Today families will once again gather and grieve at the site where more than 2,000 died”.

And this is the local paper for the epicenter of 9-11.

First, the paper of record lazily low-balled the number of fatalities at the Twin Towers attack. To say “over 2000 people”  diminishes the scale and magnitude. Besides 2,753 is closer to 3,000 than 2,000.

And “die” is far too gentle of a term to describe being consumed in a fireball or having a steel and concrete skyscraper collapse upon you. Patients in nursing homes die; these people were killed by murderers.

And then there’s the most offensive sugar-coating of the WTC attack, “airplanes took aim,” as if it were the mother of all aviation accidents due to a radar malfunction or something out of Maximum Overdrive and not a deliberate act of mass murder.

It is in effect a crass whitewash of an act of barbarity, akin to Holocaust denial.

The New York Times’ despicable attempt to expunge radical Islamic terrorists from the 9-11 narrative to satisfy some political correct urge is an insult to the memory of the REAL victims of 9-11 and an act of brazen journalistic malpractice and historical revisionism.



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