GURVICH: On The Recent Republican Kerfuffle

Let me begin by congratulating both of our Republican candidates for their successes in last night’s premier debate with John Bel Edwards. The Governor was clearly shaken at times, and he responded poorly to several of the moderators’ questions and our candidates’ responses and pointed attacks on the many failures within his administration over the last four years. The evening was a clear success for Republicans!

Earlier this week a commercial aired on broadcast media wherein one of our Republican candidates attacked the other. The attack was allegedly made in response to an earlier social media attack by the other candidate, which that candidate has in turn denied.

Without addressing the validity of either claim at this time, I must say that the broadcast attack ad caused considerable consternation among Republicans and conservatives throughout the state. As a result many have openly shared with me their desire for our Republican candidates in 2019 to avoid at all costs the internal Republican in-fighting which allowed liberal Democrat John Bel Edwards to enter the Governor’s mansion through the back door in 2015.

Let me take a moment to remind everyone of the staggering cost to our workers and their families, and the general harm done to all of our citizens, caused by the loss of the 2015 gubernatorial election:

Our economy has fallen further and further behind the rest of the nation in every year of the John Bel Edwards’ administration, weighed down by what is effectively the highest sales tax in the country. The cost of governing Louisiana is growing faster than that of any other state government in America. Tens of thousands of our friends and neighbors, and even our children are forced to leave the state to find opportunities elsewhere. Louisiana has one of the lowest economic growth rates and one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, right in the midst of President Trump’s unprecedented economic boom and even with all of our abundant natural resources.

We have been governed for four years by a man whose only vision for fixing our many problems is higher taxes and increased government spending, yet John Bel Edwards has the arrogance to claim that he deserves four more years despite all the empirical and statistical evidence of his failures. But the only way John Bel Edwards can win, is if we let him!

As campaign season heats up and tensions rise, I want to take this opportunity to remind all conservative voters of a few indisputable facts:


We have TWO strong conservative leaders running for Governor.

BOTH have been blessed with the courage to answer the call to serve our state.

BOTH are men of God.

BOTH are family men.

BOTH have given generously to their communities and to their state.

BOTH voted for President Trump and continue to support him.

BOTH are champions for conservative causes.

BOTH are capable of beating John Bel Edwards, and one of these men will be our next Governor.

Republicans and conservatives across Louisiana are saying with one voice, “We will NOT let name calling and infighting ruin our opportunity for victory in 2019. The stakes are just too high!”

There are times in a campaign when the political consultants, campaign staff and ultimately the candidates themselves, must look up from their polls, put down their data models, and simply LISTEN to the voters. This is one of those times.

Republican Party of Louisiana



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