APPEL: A Pair Of Louisiana Items To Chew On…

Just a couple of early morning thoughts about Louisiana and its place in the world…

First, during the greatest boom in US history, one which has shown median household income skyrocketing, income and employment numbers for black citizens in our largest cities and others trapped in poverty across the state are among the lowest in the nation. Yet black voters in these cities and low income people in general voted overwhelmingly for John Bel Edwards on Saturday.

After all, it is Edwards who offers nothing to create jobs or to increase incomes; it is Edwards who has to an extent caused a huge loss of jobs in the energy sector (where Louisianans without college degrees have traditionally found gainful and even lucrative employment) in particular; it is Edwards who has done nothing for the economic life of our cities.

Monday at The Hayride was a discussion of the recent WalletHub survey of America’s fastest-growing cities…

Today, WalletHub released a survey of the fastest-growing cities in America. To say Louisiana doesn’t fare well in the rankings from that study would be charitable. The top performing Louisiana city in the study was Lake Charles…which came in 98th out of 515. No other Louisiana city was in the top 250. New Orleans came in 282nd. Metairie was 363rd. Lafayette was 443rd. Kenner 462nd. Baton Rouge was 500th. Shreveport was LAST at #515. The survey didn’t include Alexandria, Monroe or Houma, but it’s hardly likely either of the three would have fared well; all three are ghost towns at present.

What do they think will change under a second Edwards’ regime? Wouldn’t you think that they would see merit in a new governor whose whole premise is bringing prosperity to all Louisianans? As Einstein said, doing the same things over and over and expecting a different outcome is a sign of insanity.

And here is Thought #2: Our constitution, the fundemental law of Louisiana, is about 50 years old. It was created under the watchful eye of the most corrupt governor in our history. It was created at a time when populist policies were funded by seemingly endless oil and gas revenue, policies that have kept citizens trapped in a cycle of dependency that continues today. It was crafted at a time when there were no cellphones, no internet, and no personal computers.


Eddie Rispone has said that it is time to throw out the old way of doing things that has resulted in our remaining mired in 50th place by creating a new constitution that will lead us into the 21st century.

Politicians like John Bel Edwards only want to address the fiscal portions of the existing constitution, a 20th century law in the 21st century.

Ya’ll, the governor’s are code words for locking in ever higher spending on discredited policies by raising taxes endlessly! A vote for Rispone is a vote to create a new Louisiana based upon growth and prosperity. A vote for Edwards is a vote to lock in all the policies that have kept us in last place.

Think about it!



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