GLASSNER: Trump’s Lake Charles Rally Explodes The Democrats’ Fake News Narrative

Editor’s Note: A guest post by Michael Glassner, Chief Operating Officer of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

The power of the Trump rally derives from its ability to cut through the noise, nonsense, and narratives that the President’s powerful detractors spread.

The Democratic Party, with the near-universal backing of the news media, is able to dominate the airwaves and the headlines. Despite making up a huge portion of the country, Republicans, conservatives, and Trump-supporting independents have a daunting but growing ability to counter the slanted narrative their political rivals present as unassailable facts.

The left’s self-serving predictions of economic doom and foreign policy disaster have repeatedly amounted to nothing, and their conspiracy theories accusing Donald Trump, his family, and his supporters of “treason” have been conclusively disproved, yet no journalists or politicians are held accountable for their role in spreading such lies.

So, the strategy stays exactly the same: flood the zone with unrelenting, unsubstantiated, and unfalsifiable anti-Trump narratives, pivoting from one to the next one as soon as the old talking points lose credibility.

There’s just one flaw in that plan: the Trump rally. When Donald Trump speaks directly to tens of thousands of his supporters in person — and millions more who tune in on TV and online — he can bypass the media disinformation machine and present the reality, which is that his wildly successful administration is vigorously fighting for the American people.

That’s exactly what happened when President Trump came to Lake Charles two weeks ago Friday. While every liberal talking head in the country was hard at work trying to shore up the Democrats’ crumbling Ukrainegate narrative, Donald Trump talked about the same thing he’s been talking about since 2015: Making America Great Again.

“The radical Democrats’ policies are crazy. Their politicians are corrupt. Their candidates are terrible,” the President pointed out during the rally. “And they know they can’t win on Election Day so they’re pursuing an illegal, invalid and unconstitutional … impeachment.”

In contrast to the Democrats, President Trump has a lengthy record of accomplishments to tout. The September jobs report shows that the Trump economy has set yet another new post-1969 low for unemployment in America at 3.5 percent. That’s accompanied by exceptionally strong wage growth for workers across the board.


These are generation-defining economic gains that will provide the foundation for American prosperity in this century, and it’s a foundation that’s as broad as it is strong. Unlike previous economic “recoveries,” the benefits of the Trump boom aren’t concentrated in the coastal bastions of wealth. Low-skilled, low-earning, and previously unemployed Americans are participating in this economic boom to such an extent that even The Chicago Tribune, no fan of President Trump’s, took notice this week — albeit without mentioning the President by name.

Places such as Southwestern Louisiana don’t typically factor much in the grand economic schemes of the Wall Street elite. Yet, under President Trump, our community has made incredible gains, as well, with unemployment remaining below 4 percent for the last 10 consecutive months.

The chemical and energy industries, the backbone of our region’s economy, have thrived under this President’s leadership. Remarkably, this has taken place even as we’ve reduced both greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.

President Trump is also fighting and winning for Americans in the diplomatic arena. His administration successfully crafted the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which replaces NAFTA to create a genuinely fair playing field for American workers and businesses. The agreement has already been signed by our two neighbors and closest trading partners, but it lingers on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk while she spends her time trying to keep Representative Adam Schiff’s impeachment charade going.

Meanwhile, President Trump is making progress on one of his most momentous campaign promises: bringing our troops home from the combat zones of the Middle East. Bucking the entire interventionist political establishment, he is making sure we do not get bogged down in yet another endless and unnecessary military commitment in Syria, and he’s taking incredible amounts of fire for it in the media.

Thousands of Louisianans got the straight story at Friday night’s Keep America Great rally, just as thousands of Minnesotans did the night before. Democrats and the liberal media will continue to ramp up their attacks against the President as we get closer to the 2020 presidential election, but they can’t compete with the power of a Trump rally, which gives President Trump an unparalleled platform to counter the lies spread by his opponents and take his message directly to the people.



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