Boy, Ryan Gatti Sure Lost His Mind, Didn’t He?

We had a feeling on Wednesday, when President Trump publicly endorsed Robert Mills in Senate District 36 over Ryan Gatti, that the race was going to turn crazy. We were neither disappointed nor surprised to be exactly right, seeing as though Gatti’s is a sociopathic narcissism which lends itself to high drama and low politicking – which went on display immediately after the roof fell in on him in Monroe Wednesday night.

It’ll get even worse when Trump repeats the performance in Bossier City Thursday, at which the president will repeat his endorsement of Mills over Gatti inside of District 36 itself.

But as bad as both of those endorsement announcements will have been for Gatti, nothing is worse than the radio interview he did with Moon Griffon last week. That was one of the most unforgettable, cringe-worthy radio segments in the history of Louisiana politics, starting with Griffon completely lambasting Gatti over his having run around the district tattling about Griffon’s divorce and bankruptcy years and years ago. It didn’t get any better from there, and it was so bad that before it was over one was almost tempted to feel sorry for Gatti.

Here’s the podcast of the show. The clip of Gatti starts at the 10-minute mark.

But if you wanted to feel sorry for Gatti after the mess on Friday all you had to do was just wait a while, because he would shortly make sure to remove any possibility of sympathy for his electoral prospects by diving straight into the gutter on Mills.

Gatti’s campaign looks awfully similar to John Bel Edwards’, with respect to the fact that he will literally say anything in an attempt to be re-elected. In Gatti’s case the big whopper is an accusation that Robert Mills was on the Ashley Madison membership list that was leaked to the public several years ago.

Here’s a campaign spot a PAC named Building a Better Bossier is running. It doesn’t reflect the highest production values in the world, but that’s OK, because it also doesn’t reflect the highest ethics, either.

Building a Better Bossier is, by the way, the PAC Griffon is talking about in the radio clip. It’s a Gatti-friendly PAC serving as his surrogate in the District 36 race.

The PAC’s website also contains a blog entry making the Ashley Madison accusation, purporting to list Robert Mills’ name as a customer of the adultery-promoting website.

Interestingly, we had the Ashley Madison Louisiana list when the documents were leaked, and the list we had didn’t have Robert Mills’ name on it.

Did the Building a Better Bossier PAC conduct an outright hoax to accuse Mills of adultery?


It looks like the answer is yes.

If you look at the listing on the PAC’s blog entry, it doesn’t have a suite address on Mills’ supposed address at 400 Travis Street in Shreveport.

400 Travis Street in Shreveport is a big office building. There were lots of people who had offices there besides Robert Mills. One of them was a guy who was on the Ashley Madison list we saw, whose suite address was listed. Another was listed at 333 Texas Street with no suite address listed.

Again, there is no Robert Mills listed in the Ashley Madison database we got hold of back in 2015. We reported on it at the time. Mills wasn’t a political candidate back then, so it wouldn’t have been something we would have looked for, but we still have the database and he’s not on it.

It looks like somebody from Gatti’s camp simply faked Mills’ name and birthday onto another entry, then took screenshots and put out an abject lie.

We know they’re capable of this based on another hit this same PAC has attempted on Mills which is just as false. They accused Mills of opposing concealed carry legislation.

Essentially what happened was that Mills was asked, on a conference call with members of the Bossier Parish Republican Executive Committee where he stood on a particular piece of legislation that he hadn’t read, and he said he hadn’t read so he couldn’t comment on it.

The head of the Bossier Parish GOP, Mike Collier, wasn’t impressed at all…

“There’s a reason why Robert Mills earned the NRA’s highest rating for a non-incumbent: he’s 100% pro Second Amendment, including being an ardent supporter of our concealed carry laws. I was witness to the “interview” that Building a Better Bossier PAC is using as the basis for their attacks. They’re lying. Period. Don’t believe the false ad campaign spewing from Ryan Gatti or the special interest group he’s using as an attack dog. Robert Mills is as solid as they come.”

This is the kind of stuff you’d expect from a campaign which knows it’s about to lose. Gatti’s camp has gone ballistic since Trump endorsed Mills on Wednesday, and it’s likely to get worse after the president repeats the endorsement Thursday in Bossier City.



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