JOHNSON: God’s Plan Is Still In Effect For Louisiana

I want to communicate two encouraging thoughts to Louisiana conservatives this morning: God is still on His throne, and THIS can be our finest moment.

Clearly, the outcome of the governor’s race is a huge disappointment and a costly setback in the timetable of reforms desperately needed for our state. But this is in no way the end of that road, my friends! If we remain focused, we can ensure this is a mere speedbump on our journey to a better Louisiana.

Indeed, in the history of the conservative movement, it is at times just like this when our cause and our principles have shined the brightest.

Remember first that there is real reason for hope today! Louisiana is a deep RED state, and last night, we became even more so. Except for the governor, EVERY statewide elected office here is held by a Republican, and we hold both U.S. Senate seats, and five of our six U.S. House seats.

For the first time in history, we will begin next year with a reliable number of conservative votes in Baton Rouge as well, because we just secured a Republican supermajority in the Louisiana Senate and a nearly two-thirds majority in the Louisiana House.

If this newly expanded team of conservative leaders in the Legislature will organize well and stick together, this next four years can be very constructive, and they can steadily move the ball our direction on the field.

The fact is there are two competing visions for America, and for Louisiana, today—and the contrast has become crystal clear. Now is the time for us to articulate with clarity, conviction and consistency what exactly we conservatives stand for.

My suggestion for my friends in the Legislature is to do what I’ve had our 146 members of Congress in the Republican Study Committee do this year by messaging, strategizing and building a policy agenda around what I refer to as the “Seven Core Principles of Conservatism:” individual freedom, limited government, the rule of law, fiscal responsibility, peace through strength, free markets and human dignity/the sanctity of human life.


Those are the principles that bring liberty, security and prosperity to all people, and those are the values that the vast majority of Louisianians believe in. Because they are in stark opposition to what the liberal governor and his party believe in and desire to advance, it will take real resolve by these Republican majorities in Baton Rouge to hold the line and push back.

They can do it, but they will need the prayers, support and encouragement of the people to ensure it happens.

While we may not always understand each step in God’s master plan, we can always be secure in His sovereignty. The good people of Louisiana deserve better government, and if we work hard and stay faithful, we can and we will eventually achieve it. I am convinced that is God’s will for us, and that it is our duty now to double down on our resolve.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (Gal. 6:9)

Louisiana’s best days are still ahead of us. Believe it. And be thankful for that.




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